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Thank GOD for PBS... FRONTLINE - "Bush's WAR"

One would HOPE, that most American’s were watching FRONTLINE: “Bush’s WAR” on TV instead of American Idol or some Cop propaganda DRAMA. “ETERNAL VIGILANCE” dictates that Concerned Citizens ask the right questions during TIMES LIKE THESE! The problem is the sell-out media isn’t giving Americans the information they need to SAVE themselves…

Who gave America that scheming ladder climber, Former CIA chief George Tenet? The CLINTON‘s… Who kept Tenet so he could have someone to BLAME? Bush. {it’s funny Cheney decided to keep Clinton hold-over’s Tenet and Norman Mineta, the two Administration Departments most affected by 9/11? The Conspiracy Theorists might come to the conclusion Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz, American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, etc. knew they were going to need Democrats to point fingers at, RIGHT?

Remember Bush saying “Bring ’em on”? Well the insurgents brought it ON… (but George W. Bush can’t handle personal confrontation so) he let U.S. soldiers in unarmored vehicles suffer the losses for his misplaced bravado. 4000!

…need MORE?

YES? You heartless, hardhead bastards… (testa dura)

Torture memos of Donald Rumsfeld and General Sanchez! For the first time in American history our Government made TORTURE part of it’s foreign policy, and IT DIDN’T WORK! Abu Ghraib pictures hid by Pentagon. Bush’s speech: “…Rumsfeld best Sec. of Defense the US ever had…”, WHAT?


AND the HUGE mistakes, errors and miscalculations of L. Paul Bremer III. One might think at the very least the Administrator of the US led “Coalition Provisional AUTHORITY” would be held ACCOUNTABLE for this disastrous failure in Iraq?

NOTE: DOES ANYONE REALIZE Condolezza Rice recently re-installed Iraqi Baath Party authorities. Y'know the ones Paul Bremer got rid of along with the entire Iraqi Army.

Bremer was SO HOT to get US contractors into Iraq he actually put hundreds of thousands of ARMED Iraqi soldiers on the street with no job/income. Something ONLY a spoiled, silver spoon Scumbag who NEVER had to worry about MONEY or how to feed a family/children, WOULD DO!

“Jerry” Bremer is a scheming bastard, who 15 months BEFORE 9/11 sat on the bipartisan “National Commission on Terrorism”. I know, another coincidence…

The Bush Administration thought it was a good idea to give $330+ MILLION to Moqtada al-Sadr, to keep his POWERFUL Mahdi Army Militia from killing Americans. (remember chant in backround as Saddam Hussein was hanged by the neck? “Moqtada, Moqtada…”)

Weak minds, weak hearts, silver spoon COWARDS who’ve never even been in a street fight before, RUNNING the military. Then Bush changes his miserable failed “Mission Accomplished”, tough cowboy war planning and allows Condolezza Rice to implement the “CLEAR, HOLD and BUILD” plan.

The HOLD part of the plan was the equivalent of the goofy rich kid paying others to BE HIS FRIEND. The Pentagon became the tribal pay master in Sunni regions of Iraq. (Pussies!)

MILLIONS OF U.S. tax DOLLARS PAID OUT so locals stop killing Americans. WHAT THE #*@/ KIND of war is THIS? Maybe a WAR to save the Bush Family LEGACY?

"The Liberation (assault) of Falusia“, Iraq as Bush called it, consisted of BLOWING the CITY to HELL!

There’s questions about just who it was that blew the Golden Dome Mosque off the planet? It’s not like British Military agents (in the service of the War Profiteers) weren’t caught by Iraqi police driving around Bagdad dressed like terrorists shooting civilians, RIGHT?

There’s NO getting around it. “BUSH’s WAR” has turned out BADLY in every way. The question Americans should be asking is: Was this a product of stupidity and low grade thought processes?

OR WAS it a calculated effort to profit from perpetual WAR? WHAT better definition of TRAITOR than those who would put profit before PATRIOTISM? (it’s as though the JUSTICE Department conveniently forgot there’s such a thing as the R.I.C.O. ACT!) #*@/’n traitors

This WAR is going to cost the American PEOPLE at least 3 TRILLION DOLLARS. That’s generations of wealth LOST! Mainstream Americans bet the farm and their kids future on George W. Bush but HE was crooked and the GAME was FIXED.

That wealth was the foundation of our Democracy, our infrastructure, education, health care, RESEARCH! Instead IT went into WAR funds and the pockets of arms dealer and war profiteers. What about the WEALTH of great minds WASTED working on WEAPONS technology.

We could have SAVED OUR OWN ECONOMY with the innovation Americans are known for, instead we made some of the worst, corrupt, scheming, sniveling, vicious human beings on the planet, rich beyond imagination.

The USA could have led the world with a “Kennedy to the Moon” energy program to END our dependence on fossil fuels. Bush could have been a real MAN, stood up against the International Bankers.

NOTE: Isn’t funny the International Bankers and the Federal Reserve always seem to make outrageous fortunes off a WAR? Perpetual WAR, perpetual PROFIT! Any evil banker’s wet dream, RIGHT?

NOTE: I know, I KNOW, it was just a coincidence the mastermind of Iraq War for profit (Wolfowitz Doctrine) ends up HEAD OF THE #*@/’n WORLD BANK!

Hey I’m NOT making this stuff up. It seems only seems strange to those Americans who don’t know their history. It’s not like this disturbing economic scenario hasn’t appeared on the American scene SEVERAL TIMES! “1907” and again just before the GREAT DEPRESSION.

The REALLY scary thing about this latest economic transgression is that it’s all the SAME players from the evil Robber Barron” past. The Morgans, the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, the descendants of good ole Prescott Bush

The Federal Reserve System is probably the biggest CON job in history! …and it’s the American PEOPLE that will be REMEMBERED as the “suckers”. The Reserve attaches debt to EVERY DOLLAR THEY PRINT. Soon as that worthless paper gets circulated they’re making built in the system profit. Our great grand children will still be paying the interest on the Bush Administration’s SPENDING SPREE!


You’d rather VOTE for more of the same Un-American BS with John McCain than VOTE FOR A BLACK MAN? That’s #*@/ed up PEOPLE! You need to get a grip, get mental help, get pills, whatever it takes to get back to get back to the human race…

Yea, I’m talking to YOU Pennsylvania, too!

Every minute the Obama campaign fails to heed my advice means SOMEWHERE, SOMEONE is turning public opinion AGAINST Barack Obama. Just pick a city, turn on the radio to the AM dial, find the strongest signal and you’ll HEAR one Conservative talk LOUDMOUTH after ANOTHER tearing down Obama’s reputation with every word out of their FOUL mouths.

As I type Shaun Hannidy is on the AM radio pretending to take the high road concerning the Obama Pastor non-issue. But in the process he gives NATIONAL AIRTIME to some mad man named Pastor Manning. Hannidy plays this Obama slandering sermon that left me in breathless #*@/‘n awe… It’s just a coincidence that Pastor Manning, this Black Uncle Tom so-called “man of GOD”, supports McCain for President

One of Hannidy’s dumb @$$ callers (usually set-up call) says he just can’t TRUST Obama… WHAT? I’M supposed to believe in ANYTHING coming from these degenerate Conservatives. They don’t TRUST Obama but they trusted George W. Bush? DOES THIS SOUND RIGHT TO ANYONE NOT suffering from Ideological/moral superiority complexes and religious delusions.

Ohhhh and lets not forget the snide innuendoes of FOX News and all the silver spoon so-called journalists of TV NEWSCASTS.

One of the worst things Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan 6 did is trash the “Fairness Doctrine” for broadcasters. Before Reagan/Bush, TV and radio stations were obligated to serve the public interest and give time for opposing viewpoints. Not now.

Ohhhh one might catch the weak signals of Air America or tune the lower end of the FM dial where NPR and all the great University stations used to exist. Now all but crowded out by Religious and Spanish speaking broadcasting.

NOTHING IS FAIR about America ANYMORE! It’s all about who makes the most noise to get public attention…

And the Democrats still don’t get IT AND refuse to fund any plan to counter this outrageous phenomenon known as the “Conservative Labyrinth” (Saloma III)

Wait a MINUTE!!! New Mexico Republican Rep. Steve Pearce is on the radio bullshiting potential “Red State” voters. I got to make a phone call to put him in his place:

Call to Steve Pearce: KOB-AM 7.70, 3-26-08 3: 24 pm MDT
The Republicans are always bragging about tax cuts. A while back, YOU TOLD KOB listeners, that the growing economy is paying for the war in Iraq. WOULD you clarify just WHICH growing economy you’re talking about?” Pearce choked on his OWN words…


Ask your kids and grand-children if they want this miserable WAR in Iraq… They’re the ONE’s paying for it.

Pearce is talking about enforcing laws on any “terrorist” that would speak about overthrowing this government…

JEEZ, is THIS KIND of GUY New Mexicans WANT Representing them in the Senate? COME ON?

NM Democrat Senator Jeff Bingaman is guest in the next hour. I’m sure the Jim Villanucci Show won’t take another call from ME. I was going to ask the Senator why the Democratic COWARDS in Congress did LITTLE to STOP the low grade thought processes and reckless economics of the Bush Administration? MADNESS!

If another Republican Administration appoints more flunkies on the Supreme Court in 2008 this NATION will become a very dangerous place for individuals like ME or ANYONE opposing NEO-Con ideology. PLEASE HELP ME and other “Concerned Citizens” in the Civilian Oversight Movement fight to keep FREEDOM from becoming a delicate concept….

NOTE: I just heard about Rush Limbaugh's "OPERATION CHAOS". Someone tell me PLEASE, what better definition of TRAITOR than those who would CORRUPT the election process? I'm sending out MY operatives to catch Rush on the street and beat the fat, un-American m'#*@/er down for his terrorist activities. Limbaugh had the audacity to say Democrats looked like were posing for a mug shot... hEY Rush, you mean the mug shot YOU should have been in for distributing Oxycontin?

Copyright 2008 by F.G. Esposito

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