Thursday, March 27, 2008

Conservative talk gone wild I made my bitch

GOOD NEWS, my fellow "Concerned Citizens". I just got the WORD, One of Rush Limbaugh's most powerful AM radio signals , KKOB-AM 7.70 (Albuquerque, NM) is going from 50,000 watts to a mere 1000...

Revised note: Pat Fritch, station manager of KOB, put out this disinformation as an April Fools joke... On March 27? He should be fired and investigated. I guess I was the Fool for listening to this Radio Free Conservative station and all the Right-wing lies they put out.

What did you Conservatives THINK was going to HAPPEN? What with the likes of Limbaugh (Oxycontin distributor) and his "OPERATION CHAOS" Project. Tell me PLEASE, what BETTER definition of TRAITOR... than those who would CORRUPT the ELECTION process?
">Or Shaun Hannidy, with his special brand of veiled RACISM!

How many weak MINDS have been AFFECTED by this brand of "Radio Free Conservative" rhetoric and propaganda?

Not that I'll get ANY credit, but I've spent the last 2 YEARS, spreading the word about KOB's 50,000 watt signal that is heard in 17 STATES! aLSO I have a wealth of tapped phone calls to the station where I COUNTERED the Conservative low grade thought processes. 8 time WINNER of Jim Villanucci's "Hour of RAGE". Every time one of New Mexico's Bush Republicans Domenici, Wilson, Pearce, White, etc... were guests, I made it a point to CALL with vital QUESTIONS and legitimate criticism...


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