Friday, August 29, 2008

Why, Why, WHY?

BREAKING NEWS: 8-29-08 John McCain picks Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. I can only imagine how insulted American women are that McCain choose a token Hilary Clinton to be his V.P. pick. McCain actually thought women were stupid enough to fall for such shallow pandering. And since John McCain is celebrating his 72nd birthday and the 44 year old Palin (if elected) will be only a heartbeat away from the Presidency, all of McCain whining about Obama’s lack of experience has just been null and void. Sarah Palin is touted as fighting corruption. Well she’s going to love the Washington, DC, K-St mess George W. Bush and the Republicans left behind for her to address…


This doesn’t mean I’m not voting for Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats. But it’s become a lesser of two evils scenario for me. Democrats allowing those criminals, lobbyists and con artists in the Bush Administration to trash the Constitution (in so many ways) had me questioning my non-violent stance on PROTEST. The FISA (domestic spying) legislation passing was MORE THAN I COULD TAKE!

Bush/Cheney… THESE are the men you let CHANGE the Constitution? Men who inspired Manson Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi to write the extraordinary book “THE PROSECUTION OF GEORGE W. BUSH FOR MURDER”. If I had any POWER I’d lead the violent overthrow of the Democratic Party for NOT living up to “checks and balances” and FORCING ethics, responsibility, accountability on the Bush Regime.

If one remembers, I posted my original purpose and thinking for joining the Obama campaign. Not for as long as I can remember has the youth of America become so politically active. Not to mention the fact Barack was filling 20,000 seat stadiums, it didn’t take a genius to recognize the ORGANIZING potential. Just look at the title of blog. “ACTIVIST COMMUNITY FOR OBAMA”.

It seemed fertile ground for attracting CONCERNED CITIZENS who had the capacity to (understand) organize a Civilian Oversight Movement. A coalition who’s sole purpose is to DEMAND elected officials stand by their SWORN OATH to uphold the Constitution and work for the best interests of the American PEOPLE! A Movement that will LAST long after 2008 election is over. HELPING and SUPPORTING the elected Democrats fix what 8 years of Bush Administration lobbyists and attorneys destroyed.

Since the media dropped the ball as the 4th Estate, it’s up to the PEOPLE to INVESTIGATE and DEMAND. WE HAVE THE INTERNET NOW! It’s just a matter of organizing the right kind of skills and PEOPLE who believe in ETERNAL VIGILANCE (and someone who’ll knock out FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, I’m joking?)
WHAT, TOO MUCH TO ASK? After constipated Conservative Republicans and pasty Aristocrats spent the last 26 years selling out the American working Middle-class? Vain self-serving, power mad, greed stricken, silver spoon con artists who became no better than whores to K-St. special AND FOREIGN interests.

So I found it quite disturbing the groupies and ladder climbers in the Democratic Party ignored my long term long term strategic dimension in political organizing… After the Gore and Kerry loses I’d HOPED SOMEONE on the left would finally get IT. WHY IS IT DEMOCRATS AND
LIBERALS REFUSE to address my legitimate constructive criticisms and ignore my common sense plan of ACTION?

Conservative Republicans have historically WON by EMBRACING the RADICAL IDEAS and like minded individuals who support the ideology. Read John S. Saloma III who documented this phenomenon way back in 1984 “Ominous Politics, The New Conservative Labyrinth” was a WARNING to poorly organized Left-wing. As much as I despise the Right, anyone involved in organizing must acknowledge the genius:

“…political conservatives have quietly built a vast coalition of think tanks, political action groups, religious broadcasters, AM radio stations, corporate political organizations, senators and representatives, Republican Party officials and other groups with budgets totaling 100’s of MILLIONS of dollars annually”.

All that money trickled down to local level by: “…shaping the attitudes of American voters and altering the context in which they consider issues”. As close any DEMOCRACY could get to what the intelligence community calls PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE…

It’s a crime and a shame Saloma died (mysteriously) not long after finishing his manuscript in 1983. He never got the chance to spread his almost prophetic words to the American PEOPLE. THAT DOESN’T EXCUSE DEMOCRATS AND LIBERALS FOR FAILING TO COUNTER OR FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE CONSERVATIVE LABYRINTH.

I’ve been preaching this since the late 80’s AND HAVE YET TO BE EMBRACED by the Left. Stuck on 60’s stupid is what I like to call IT! Peace, love, take the high road and don’t engage have lost the last 2 presidential elections and well on it’s way to defeating Obama in 2008. For people who are so numb, stupid or close to death to need MOTIVATION, let me give Americans 3 words WHY we need to defeat John McCain in 2008… SUPREME COURT APPOINTMENTS!

Here ONE example of missed opportunities. Over the last year and a half, I’ve been trying to get a group of liberal activists, Party Democrats and Obama campaign volunteers to help me stack the calls at 50,000 watt Conservative talk radio stations such as KFI-AM 640 in Los Angeles, KOB-AM 7.70 Albuquerque, etc. WITHOUT SUCCESS!

These stuck in the 60’s, well meaning losers put all their efforts to organizing events, protest marches, alternative media and cable access TV so they can REACH maybe 500-600 people at the most. Now that all well and fine if one is more interested in socializing than changing the Status Quo. Using MY plan the voice of Concerned Citizens goes out over 50,000 watts of power. KOB alone reaches 17 western states, million of listeners brainwashed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannidy, Bill Cunningham, Laura Ingram, etc, etc, etc

The problem with Democrats, Liberal activists and alternative media spokespersons is all they do is provide data, information and stories that gets us angry. Most of what they present has already been circulated on the internet so I REALLY DIDN’T NEED TO BE REMINDED OF HOW SHITTY THE PLANET HAS BECOME UNDER BUSH/CHENEY! What I need is a plan of action to make those guilty of the war crimes or Constitutional violations ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS, motherfuckers…

On top of THAT, most of the communications on the Left is preaching to the choir. The audience of Air America, Alternative media sources and Cable access TV most likely already agrees with the MESSAGE. No one is involved with changing minds or reaching the those suffering from Neo-Con moral/ideological superiority complexes caused by Fox Spin ahhh… I mean News and all the Conservative talk radio shows.

What could be better than presenting alternative thinking to EXPOSE the low grade thought processes that rule Conservative talk radio? Especially in this time of so many disgruntled Republican voters. 8 years of Bush Administration fuck-up’s couldn’t have been easy on them…

I don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth. Just know what the hell you’re talking about and try to present the subject in 30 seconds or less without putting the listeners to sleep. Also one of the GREAT things about the internet is one can listen to almost ANY radio show STREAMING in the Western Hemisphere. Something in Denver, CO or St. Paul, MN bothering you? Call that local talk host and give any community in America something to think about. Here’s the call I’ll be making during the Republican National Convention:

“…I’m in awe of the shameless, irresponsible message this station is sending to it’s listeners. It’s as though Conservatives refuse to take responsibility for electing Bush/Cheney, NOT ONCE, but TWO times. OWN UP motherfuckers! Maybe, JUST MAYBE, it’s time to STOP trying to solve the world’s problems like some WWF Raw cage match soap opera. “Generation KILL”, right? Screw diplomacy, who cares what the rest of the world thinks, RIGHT?
While all you gun-ho numbskulls out there were MISDIRECTED by a few Islamic fanatic, degenerate terrorists… MOST of America’s most valuable wealth and resources were ravaged and expatriated by scandalous special interests. Ports and the Chrysler Building are owned by rich Arab oil men and the “Great American Beer” Budweiser is owned by Belgians. Own you? Privatize profits, socialize loses. You Republicans are NOT American citizens anymore… YOU’RE JUST stupid CONSUMERs that have to BUY SOMETHING OR GET OUT! Like George W. Bush and the “Queer Eye for Straight Guy” crew told Americans after 9/11... all your problems will be solved by going shopping.
Here’s the sad HISTORY I‘M WRITING, let me break it down. You’ve been supporting a bunch of vain, upper class Aristocrats who could care less about struggles of the common man. Let the whiners “eat cake”. The Aristocrats support self-serving, power mad American Psychos greedy enough to justify selling out the American Middle Class. GUILT FREE, WAVING THE FLAG AND PRAISING JESUS WHILE DOING IT! It’s like when Tom Delay told Conservatives to see the face of Jesus on his mug shot. Instead of going to church watch the episode of Bill Moyers Journal titled “Capital Crimes”.
It’s like some evil Ocean’s Eleven gang came into the Whitehouse spend a budget surplus and borrowed ANOTHER 9 TRILLION to keep their SCAM GOING! Not only did all you Republican voting suckers fall for the scam but you WANT MORE OF THE SAME…”

Simply put: Since a 24/7 stream of Conservative spokespersons convincing Republican voters they are morally and ideologically SUPERIOR to the Democrats/liberals… THE LEFT MUST MAKE THEM FEEL LIKE FOOLS they really ARE, not superior ideologues.

Until the Obama campaign realizes the importance of my get tough, fight back message I’ll be working to form the Civilian Oversight Movement that will HOPEFULLY last long after the 2008 elections are over. The vehicle I’ll be using is the intense hatred for George W. Bush that exists on the American scene. No time to IMPEACH the corrupt silver spoon bastard… HOW TO MAKE G.W.B. ACCOUNTABLE?

From Long Beach to Cape Cod, from Western New York to Southern California… I’ll be suggesting Concerned Citizen’s buy a copy of the book “THE PROSECUTION OF GEORGE W. BUSH FOR MURDER” by Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, AND PRESENT IT TO THE D.A. IN THEIR JURISDICTION. At the VERY LEAST, we can make Bush spend his retirement never knowing if some ambitious District Attorney might prosecute him…