Friday, July 18, 2008

History of Republican #*~/ing over the American PEOPLE


12/1/2000 - Leaked CIA document Case# F-2001-00009:
International Crime Threat Assessment” defines “Kleptocracy,
…rather than serve PUBLIC INTEREST, top leaders use nations resources solely to enrich themselves and their cronies. To cover up crimes the stage is set for social and political upheavals…”


It’s all right in front of the American PEOPLE, ALL the evidence one needs to know you’ve been FUCKED OVER! Here’s the problem… the majority of Americans have become silly, ignorant, self-absorbed, victimized, apathetic, celebrity worshipping COWARDS! Either too lazy or to comfortable to do something about IT.

No, NO too busy watching some idiot reality show, cop drama, or sitcom to explore the TRUTH. Why pick up a copy of “Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein, it would only ruin the illusions these morons live under. The CON artists used FEAR to play Americans for FOOLS… bigtime!

I want to make sure history remembers Republican leaders and Conservative voters (1980-2008) as the financial FOOLS they really were. The George W. Bush economy is the result of a 28 year mass sell-out of the American working/middle class.

This was an ORGANIZED effort by top Republican officials, corporate and financial special interests. John S. Saloma III warned the world about this phenomenon in 1983 with his extraordinary book “Ominous Politics, The New Conservative Labyrinth“.

The so-called responsible journalists on cable news are showing the “sassy lady” video clip over and over. It shows an older woman at a McCain campaign event grabbing the microphone and giving the Republican rebel yell about TAXES! Maybe it’s not the aged that should be raging about taxes. Maybe it’s FUTURE GENERATIONS that will be complaining about the DEBT that’s being passed on to them so the Right-wing can get their Bush tax cuts. Simply put: Maybe the PEOPLE should ask their children and grandchildren if they want this miserable War in Iraq they’re paying for IT.

Bush/Cheney and the Republican Congress oversaw they largest transfer of wealth in the history of the human race. AND THE USA WAS THE LOSER! These Conservative morons let FEAR about Osama bin Lunatic and his CIA trained minions (CIA trained these same fanatics how to car bomb during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan) BREAK the US economy.

While we spent the last 5 years sinking our national treasury into the Iraqi money pit, China, Saudi Arabia and India took over enough US debt to CONTROL our economic future. NOW, it’s out of the hands of the American PEOPLE. ONE wrong move on our part that doesn’t satisfy foreign interests AND WE’RE DONE. These special interests, which the likes of John McCain have bent over backwards for, can destroy the USA just by trading OIL in Euro’s instead of dollars. Anyone with half a brain can see the connection between rising fuel prices and sinking US dollar.

If our economy is failing it’s because of the low grade thought processes involved with the long range fiscal planning of the Republican Party since 1980.

Republicans believe Corporations have a right to do as they please. Most card carrying conservatives are so ignorant they don’t even know their own ideological CREDO. “Limited intervention in the economy. Substantial intervention in morality”. This means let the RICH do whatever they please while finger pointing and preaching to the average Joe and Jane Smuck.

Reagan/Bush/McCain killed ANTI-TRUST and any regulation that kept industry HONEST. When Reagan/Bush came to power, the USA was #1 on the planet in exporting goods and importing raw materials. This is the very definition of a prosperous economy. In 2008, it is the exact opposite. Why? Years of Republicans selling out the American middle class, that’s why.

Terms such as “trickle down economics” and “fiscal conservatism” made the SHEEP believe that diverting all wealth toward the TOP would eventually benefit all Americans. In 1980 the Federal Government passed down funding to locals equal to $64.00 per resident… By 1992 this funding was REDUCED to only $29.00 per resident. Where’d ALL THAT MONEY GO? Like they always say, “follow the money”

To make up for lost revenue, State, County, City local governments were given the mandate to use law enforcement for generating income. (Ask how many sheriff’s have become millionaires from seized assets?) Fines, penalties, code enforcement, seizure, impound fees, tow costs, court costs, bail bonds, etc… all turned into a business empire.

Law enforcement Unions and associations became the most wealthy powerful special interest forming public policy. PAY us or we’ll sic the LAW after you. The PUBLIC sector set itself up with the kind of job/pension/health care SECURITY those of us in the PRIVATE sector can only dream about. Public sector workers and elected officials get away with the same crimes that private sector workers would get fired and prosecuted for. The POLICE STATE came in through the backdoor while most Americans were waving the flag and eating apple pie. (9/11 or 911?)

OH, let’s not forget Reagan union busting and DEREGULATION. The root of ALL future Corporate scandal. I hope Republican voters didn’t conveniently forget John McCain was right there from the BEGINNING, forming the groundwork of this CORRUPT, warped system in the Saving and loan scandal and Keating 5.

But John McCain didn’t stop there. He flushed his military HONOR down the K-St. drain. All the PROOF one needs is in 90’s history with Newt Gingrich/Tom Delay/John McCain Republican’s busy selling out the American middle/working class. I wanted to ask McCain about all the hidden legislation such as the “Expatriate Clause” in Clinton’s “family leave” bill. It allowed the super rich (multinational Corporations, Saudi royals, drug trafficers, etc) take their billions out of the country PENALTY FREE!

Gingrich/Delay/McCain oversaw legislation/policy that paved the way for outsourcing of American jobs, off-shore accounts scandal, media consolidation, predatory lending, domestic spying and the “Corporate Crime Wave” (Enron, etc.) While Republicans were waving the American flag and professing love of our great nation, behind the scenes they were busy selling out our children’s future. Explain to me please Conservative numbskulls… What good can come from USING OUR TAX DOLLARS to insure the venture capital of Corporations that move American jobs to Communist China, India, etc…?

And what was John McCain doing while all these elected officials were breaking their sworn oaths and ignoring the “SIGNS” from the turbulent Middle East? Well, he was hanging out in the Halls of Congress with Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, Jeff Gannon and Ken Starr MASTURBATING to Monica Lewinski testimony…

Then the biggest insult to the Constitution Conservatives could possibly come up with, these pathetic morons elect George W. Bush (not once BUT TWICE) and there is the death blow to the US economy.

What kind of FOOL takes joy in Bush bragging about his TAX CUTS? What you idiots don’t realize is he’s had to borrow TRILLIONS of dollars from foreign entities to pay for his WAR in Iraq. 12 billion dollars a week going to the Iraqi money pit, arms dealers and war profiteers. AND OUR CHILDREN AND GRAND-CHILDREN WILL GET STUCK WITH THE BILL! How’s that for fiscal irresponsibility?

THE DOLLAR ISN’T WORTH THE PAPER IT’S PRINTED ON! But C-Span has the authors of “Grand New Party” Reihan Salam and Ross Douthat trying to convince Conservative FOOLS that the Republican Party will work to save the American PEOPLE. The “New” Republicans led by the oldest man to run for President who has been knee deep in bullshit since the 80’s… COME ON?

NO ETHICS, NO RESPONSIBILITY, NO ACCOUNTABILITY. John McCain and his close friends such as Phil Gramm have surrounded themselves with special interest pandering and made it their job to avoid TRANSPARENCY. (Ask them about the Enron Loophole)

Don’t take my word for it, there’s a WEALTH of information available. The CONCERNED CITIZEN can start researching what I’ve wrote about on the internet. Suggested readings “Jacked, How Conservatives Picked Your Pocket” by Nomi Prins or David Corn in Mother Jones.

Phil Gramm had the AUDACITY to call Americans whiners. This is the man who spent his time in Congress as a whore for special interests both foreign and domestic. Who deregulated the energy industry and wife worked for Enron. Involved with every shady deal and money pit scandal of modern history. (ask Gramm about his ties to UBS AMERICA, yea you sure DID bullshit America)

A man who’d see 1 out of 483 Americans losing their homes but MAKE DAMN SURE Bear Sterns and the rest of the trust fund baby motherfuckers get BAILED OUT by the US government. On his grave stone I’m going to graffiti this: “He helped kill OF, BY, FOR THE PEOPLE

WOW! I just saw a clip of Ted Koppel’s “China” documentary special on CNN’s “situation room”, and it made me THINK…

Americans can import from China lead based toys, poisoned pet food and toxic toothpaste, EVERYTHING except the ONE THING we really NEED… That would be how the Chinese PEOPLE deal with their corrupt government officials. Round them up by the 1000’s and put them in prisons. If found their scandal is worth more than $4000.00 they are put to death.

Using THAT standard Tom Delay, half the Congress, Bush/Cheney and John McCain would already be burning in HELL… (lol) Off the top of my head, I’d have to say the families of the 15 US military personnel ELECTROCUTED by shoddy contract work in Iraq, have a LEGITIMATE CLAIM against those in charge. 15 among 4000+ US soldiers and 500,000+ Iraqi’s.

2008 REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN STRATEGY: Blame Democrats and Liberals for high gas prices using the “DRILLING” argument. Of course they are hoping the American PEOPLE are too lazy to research the facts. SUCH AS Bush Sr. that prohibited offshore drilling and President Reagan who reversed gas mileage standards, etc…

I think kids nowadays have a better grasp on the terrible times we live in, what is good and what is evil… They possess the instinct and common sense most adults seem to have lost. The morning news video clips include the young female T Ball player, in tears, running away from President Bush.

NOTE: I’ve noticed women have lost their maternal instincts to protect their children’s future AGAINST Republican pandering. Just as disturbing, MANY would rather give up sex or become a lesbian than keep a man happy and content. It’s a sick, sick phenomenon that needs to be addressed.

What does one say about women who preach about living a natural life, dedicated to such drastic measures as not eating meat and cheese, using dildos made of petrochemicals and batteries when there’s a huge supply of all natural penises around to keep them satisfied… (lol)

It’s like inmates in prison cheering for all the cop’s on TV and Black women hooked on CSI Miami…

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