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AND NOW, back from nationwide organizing drive (without being assassinated) SPOACT



I have a slightly different take on this whole Governor Spitzer/ high priced hooker affair. Ok, I admit Eliot Spitzer is vain, self-serving, hypocrite. He’s one of those “Emperors” who think their power and position afford them the kind of PLEASURES the average American would be fired and prosecuted for. I like to call these silver spoon scumbags “Aristocrats”.

They feel no guilt, convinced by their elitist Ivy League education they are SUPREME BEINGS. These hypocritical c@^*/~!r’s use everything from the BIBLE to Darwin to justify their warped nature. Machiavelli, Burke or maybe:
Morality - it was created for the COMMON MAN. The HIGHER MAN doesn’t worry about whether something is GOOD or EVIL. He has the courage to rise above that sort of nonsense and ACT.”

{…BALLS! Big #*@/’n heavos man… AND 15 BILLION TONS OF TNT…}

Allow me to turn the stream of consciousness away sex obsessed mainstream media. A media that wasted years of my life with in-depth investigations on Bill Clinton’s sex life. THIS while Gingrich Republicans were selling out the American middle-class.

This is the comparison I want to make to the present media blitz over this Spitzer affair. He did violate the public trust but it was ONLY SEX! COME ON people, what man can honestly say he would turn down sex with MS. Dupre?

While the American public is FORCED to obsess over sexual antics NOT a #*@/’n media finger pointed at the Bush Administration. What’s sex compared to using the national tragedy of 9/11 to get us in a 3 trillion dollar oil WAR IN IRAQ.

MS. Dupre giving you a $4000 blowjob or the 12 billion dollars a week spent on a war Bush and ALL his cronies LIED to get us in. Lies, deception, special interest pandering, waste, fraud, abuse, corruption, arms dealing, war profiteering, torture among a whole list of low grade thought processes and VIOLATIONS OF THE CONSTITUTION!

At least Spitzer had the guts to stand up and take responsibility for his actions. The Bush Administration has legal teams and spin doctors working FULL TIME to skirt any DEMANDS for ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY.

I WANT TO KNOW WHY Republican voters are so WILLING to give the Bush Administration a FREE PASS on crimes the average American would be charged under the R.I.C.O. Act for?

PLEASE CAN ANYONE JUSTIFY a media that dumbs down the public on such VITAL issues? Because I’m NOT getting it… I’m going to leave the blogispere for a while to write a fiction version of my radical activist need to call out those in power who have ruined our economy and violated everything we hold dear about the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

At least in my fiction story Americans finally get up the courage to take back their nation, rights and freedoms. Oh and the best part is I get to explore my fantasies concerning treating the Aristocrats like my ancestors did in Italy. They started a revolution against Mussolini and all his money grubbing cronies. Mussolini was shot, hung AND THEN BURNED in the public square in front of hundreds of thousands of CONCERNED CITIZENS! If history could only repeat itself…

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I get an Emperors Club hard-on just thinking about it. Lol!

2-28-08 3:17am PST

Something is not RIGHT! I find myself waking up early to catch the news of the day. Maybe today is the day when one brave individual in the media steps up to the plate and STARTS informing the PEOPLE.

No really, is there ANYONE out there who DOESN’T feel an impending sense of doom hanging over the United States of America? It’s as though our government, military/police, corporations have warped into some kind of evil entity that feeds off the lifeblood of it’s PEOPLE. And all the NEWS is giving me is petty bullshit.

There Morning Joe Scarborough whining ABOUT Jimmy Carter who AT LEAST HAD THE BALLS TO CALL OUT THE Bush Crime family. I got news for you Joe, Jimmy Carter could have been one of the truly great Presidents if not for Neo-Con MEDDLING in the affairs of the nation. I have documented evidence in a soon to be published manuscript.

Funny how I’ve got enough evidence on my desk to bring Bush/Cheney and ALL THEIR Neo-Con CRONIES up on R.I.C.O. Act charges BUT MULTI-BILLION dollar media Corporations with ALL their resources can’t find a thing wrong? Does this sound right to anyone except the individuals benefiting from such a fucked up system?

I mean Tucker Carlson is on talking about how Obama can’t win a debate against McCain when it comes to the War in Iraq. WHAT? All you conservatives really need to get psychological help for the superiority afflictions you suffer from. Do ANY of you pathetic m’#*@/r’s REALIZE how bad the Bush Jr. Administration screwed over the American PEOPLE with this so-called WAR in Iraq. It’s NOT a WAR on TERROR it’s damn abuse of power, it’s an freak’n economic OUTRAGE, it’s an affront to everything Americans hold dear about our great nation.

AND ALL YOU Democrats out there NOT doing everything possible to stop this MADNESS… you’re COWARDS!


Bill Richardson on “Face the Nation” taking the middle of the road on Obama or Clinton. I truly hope whoever gets the nomination seriously considers Bill Richardson as Vice-President. Our nation is in dire need of a diplomat.

I talked to “Big Bill” Richardson on the Bob Clark morning show (770 KKOB AM radio) AIRED ON 3-3-08: Here's the transcript of the call:

I was a vocal supporter of your Presidential campaign, (spreading the word both here in New Mexico and Southern California) I felt it was very good for both New Mexico and the USA. Allow me to say whoever the Democratic nominee might be Obama or Clinton… I hope and pray Bill Richardson is seriously considered for the Vice-presidency. More than any other time in American history WE NEED A DIPLOMAT IN WASHINGTON DC. You could very well be the Magic New Mexican, especially with that new bearded look”.

Ohhh here we go… All the Conservative spokespeople with their tongue in cheek comments about the Russian election. These hypocrites are questioning Russian election integrity when in 2000 Al Gore was ROBBED OF THE presidency by bias and computer voting machines. (A VITAL issue the mainstream media REFUSES to investigate, by the way)

I’m felling VERY angry and frustrated by the state of the nation. I really do think its time for the American PEOPLE to start a revolution.

I’m going to go out into the Mojave Desert for 40 days and nights and ask GOD for guidance on what to do next. I just can’t shake the feeling that my tax dollars are going against everything “…blessed are the PEACEMAKERS…” stands for.
Hopefully my computer can get internet access signal out in the one weeping in the wilderness.

“…shame on YOU Barack OBAMA

2-19-08 6:29pm PST

BREAKING NEWS: Obama wins Wisconsin… don’t ya just love CHANGE? If anyone needs proof Hilary Clinton is finished… All the News stations cut the Clinton speech short for Obama’s victory speech in Houston, TX.

“ …the fierce urgency of NOW.” MLK

NOTE: I thinks it’s genius the Obama campaign makes victory speeches in the NEXT primary state. Nothing makes me happier than seeing an auditorium filled with 20,000 Texans READY FOR CHANGE! Ready to kick George W. AND EVERYTHING HE STANDS FOR to the curb. Listen to the roar of boo’s for Bush…

LATER: Obama wins Hawaii and Washington state.

EARLIER: President’s Day


I just heard Michele Obama make a speech (Madison, Wisconsin) on C-Span. It seems she has the ABILITY to inspire too. I got a teary eye and my heart is filled with HOPE, Yes I said HOPE! Change is in the air. The MADNESS of Bush/Cheney is almost OVER!

It’s almost worth the suffering and degradation Americans are headed for (DUE to Bush Administration blundering) to prove just how BAD Republican/Conservative ideology really is. The low grade thought processes, reckless economics, war profiteering, media consolidation, waste, fraud, abuse, scandal… and the PEOPLE WHO EMBRACE IT ALL!

A bunch of vain, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken, arms dealing silver spoon CON MEN who ravaged and expatriated most of our national wealth and resources. AND IF YOU DON’T SEE IT then I feel sorry for you and whatever CHURCH you go to.

(NEWS CLIP: President George W. Bush is in Africa attending Obama Rallies
“... What’a bout ME...?”

…which is a nice change from his usual World travels arming dictators and giving Democracy A BAD NAME )


I’m convinced Barack Obama is the MAN for this time in U.S. history. At the same time I cringe every time the Clintons show their true colors. In the face of Obama invigorating millions of Americans, filling 20,000 seat stadiums, EXPANDING coalitions. The average Joe and Jane Smuck coming BACK TO THE Democratic Party, feeling PROUD and getting INVOLVED… (it’s about #*@/’n time)

BUT THE Clinton campaign is slandering Obama’s passion saying “…it’s just words” and charging plagiarism. WHAT? After TWO damn lost elections to George W. #*@/’n BUSH and you’re going to tear apart Democratic Party Unity for your OWN selfish Clinton agendas?

Don’t get me wrong after 7+ years (seems longer) of Bush Jr. the Clinton Years seem like the good old days. Flourishing economy, low deficits, budget surplus… So why do Conservatives hate the Clintons SO MUCH? …madness…

NOTE: Republicans need to stop using cross-over ballots to vote for Clinton keeping her campaign alive. The Republican wish list includes Hilary winning the nomination. There is little ELSE the Right has to rally around, except an almost insane hatred of the Clintons. How else does a traitor like Rush Limbaugh put profit before patriotism and make a career of demonizing the Clintons. ( or corupt the voting system 3-2-08 )

OR the Gingrich Republicans of the 90’s who “SOLD OUT” THE American worker while diverting attention with the Monica Lewinski scandal. It’s hilariously hypocritical that those Republicans who made the most fuss about Bill Clinton’s “naughty, nasty” turned out to be the sexual deviates. “Clinton BAD” propaganda over + over + over +

And all the “hard on terrorism” Conservatives who were busy masturbating to Lewinski blowjob testimony while Osama bin Lunatic was organizing al Qaeda in the 90’s…

PAUSE... WOW: Pat Robertson announces his connections to Bolivian Drug lords


JESUS Christ! I gotta wake up to Joe Scarborough making a big deal out of a sentence in Michele Obama’s speech in Madison, Wisconsin. Morning Joe is having a hissy fit over Michele declaring “…for the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of my country…”

Now the Republicans know better, Michele Obama loves this country of course… BUT these #*@/’rs can’t control the ideological/moral superiority complexes they suffer from. YEA! We should ALL be great Americans like Scarborough, who helped Gingrich “SELL-OUT” the American middle-class during his term in Congress…

Ohhhhh boy… This is rich, Cindy McCain taking a jab at Michele Obama. “…I don’t know about some people BUT I’M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN…” JEEZ, before today I thought she had a flag pole up her @$$ and the McCain people just set her in place at every appearance.

Tell me Cindy, just what it is you’re so #@/’n proud about. The “Keating 5”, DEREGULATION, telecoms supporting your extravagant lifestyle. Your Republican brethren voting for that military SERVICE dodging retard, George W. Bush… NOT ONCE, but TWO TIMES?

Maybe the reckless economics, war profiteering, waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, predatory lending, arms dealing, TORTURE, weapons of mass legislation against the middle-class, selling out the American worker, Socialist subsidies to Multi-national Corporations, historically high oil prices, MEDIA consolidation, CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS???

Cindy how does it make you feel that the so-called VITAL border fence just happens to stop at the Ray L. Hunt Ranch, y’know the Texas oil BILLIONAIRE! (So much for Homeland Security) Or was when the right-wing HAWKS sent out boys to WAR in vehicles WITH NO ARMOR! Tell ME CINDY PLEASE. What makes it worth putting a flag pole up you boney ass?

CHOICE: Let me see?

McCain - stiff, constipated blue hairs in the Whitehouse OR

- a fresh energetic , young couple that can fill sports stadiums with angry Americans??? …WHAT Choice?

RUMOR: I heard Bush Jr. is building his Presidential Library in Dubai


(NOTE: Do I have timing or what? REAL TIME WRITING, baby!)

BREAKING NEWS: John McCain caught INVOLVED with 40’s something LOBBYIST Vicki Iseman. ARE YOU PROUD NOW Cindy McCain? …you stupid, elitist #*@/’n snob. HA! Karma baby KARMA! Now I WONDER what sort of FAVORS the blond, SEXY, K-Street lobbyist got for…? Tele-Communications LOBBY, unh huhhhh

ANOTHER REPUBLICAN SCANDAL… what the fuck is NEW? I hope at the very least old Johnny boy got his viagra money’s worth. Does ANYONE want a President that has to be “SAVED FROM HIMSELF“?

NOTE: McCain should be happy this story broke. 71 year old man that can still slappy the papi with a 40 something sexy blond. Rrrrrrrrrr

JEEZ… It’s just hit me. BARACK OBAMA IS actually goooooiiiiinnnngg tttototootot beeeeee Pppppresident! Give THANKS and PRAISE!

PRAY: {“IN THE NAME OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD, JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT… it looks like a proud Black American will our next President. Thank you for all the blessings you bestow upon the USA. Give us the strength to win against evil. And LORD, please protect brother Obama from the demon right-wing assassin’s gun… AMEN“}

Reverend Burnell Butler


WARNING: To all you top officials from government and big business:

All you evil bastards out there who will work to sabotage an Obama presidency in the name of the neo-conservative cause. Y’know what I’m talking about. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE and we see everything you do. (documented) GET IT? NO$?

(NOTE: These criminals are all on the “TOP 100 MOST EVIL PEOPLE” list, COMING SOON!)

Just look at what THEY did to President Jimmy Carter. Big Oil caused fuel shortages, corporations stalled technology, “plundered” third world nations and funded Conservative “think tanks”. An intelligence and military community of officials who were no better than whores of the Military Industrial Complex and drug trafficers

The RIGHT questions were NEVER asked. Suspicious uprisings in an Iran, a nation that has been the subject of CIA meddling in the past. Hostages are taken… No one asked Ollie North about his roll in the failed hostage rescue mission. NO one asked North about guns for cocaine OR the 80’s introduction of crack to inner cities EVERYWHERE! No one asked if it was just a coincidence the hostages were released AFTER Reagan STOLE the presidency from Carter…

A good example of WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT is Conservative planning director Richard Viguerie. This evil mastermind is ALREADY making the “think tank” rounds talking about a disastrous Democratic Presidency or how Republicans will ride in and save the day in the NEXT ELECTION. The best thing Obama could do is have all you people banished from power and prosecuted for crimes against THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

FLASHBACK: Conspiracy? Reports of WEAPONS CHECK security lapse at Obama event IN DALLAS… Secret Service speechless.

Vive la revolutione”, WAIT! no, IT’S Carl Rove campaigning style 101

{I’ve been contacted with pictures of Carl Rove with a male prostitute/Homeland Security consultant, bidding starts at $******}

EARLIER: 2-20-08 5:34am PST

Jeez I’m really going to lay off the cable news. Most of these so-called journalists make my blood pressure rise. My ears are ringing right now…

On Morning Joe that giggling fool Chris Mathews is priming himself and the way he put some Texas politician on the spot about Obama’s legislation record. “This is HARDBALL,” he screeches.

YEA! If you were really playing HARDBALL and other journalists were actually doing their job of in-depth investigations… Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, ETC… would already be in crowded holding cells wearing chains waiting for trial.

JOB APPLICATION: HEY Mr. Mathews, that spittle coming out the side of your mouth tells me a lot about you… grow some balls like Olbermann. I’m applying for that position:

Teach Chris Mathews how NOT be a whinny pussy”.

Here’s how it works You pay me $**** a month and I provide you 1st draft bitting commentary, brutal sarcasm and alternative viewpoints. Chris needs consulting to remain RELEVANT in today’s CHANGING society. Better than ANY pharmaceutical or spin doctor! You need pills to make your ball HARD?

LATER: OlberMANn cut off a whining Mathews OFF with the BREAKING McCain story…

PRESENT: Hey I just realized something… Thank GOD Eli won the Super Bowl. That OREO cookie commercial could’ve ruined the good Manning name… If the Mannings look like fools what chance does ANY White man have in this society?

OBSERVATION: Ever notice how TV ads always portrait the white male as bumbling, fearful, ignorant, whinny ridicules FOOLS. Panic attacks, will power/EGO issues and mental breakdowns solved ONLY BY BEING A GOOD CONSUMER! How else does one explain away…

NOW: {Hoch NO! Did Bill O’Reily really say something about LYNCHING Michele Obama? AND HE STILL HAS A JOB? Do you REALLY love America? You Conservatives are so #*@/‘n pathetic. Please Billy boy let me on your show so I can KNOCK YOUR ASS OUT. I’m calling out all you radicals in NYC. You pussies should be standing out in front of the FOX news building, sucker punching the so-called NEWS anchors and right-wing pundits. As a matter of fact I want to call out ALL those “in the Constitutional Service” to seek out the LOUDMOUTH Tokyo Rose’s of Radio Free Conservative such as Rush Limbaugh, Bill Cunningham AND b~@^ their #*@/’n jaws so they can’t pollute}


How inspiring… (HA!) John and Cindy McCain standing together denying any inappropriate behavior. All the Conservative monkeys chattering something about Liberal media and NY Times. OHoHAhah!

Rush Limbaugh a steady rock of divisiveness for his Liberal hating Dittohead monkeys. Same old insanity over and over + Ohoh Ahah…

Useful idiot, sucka tools… always get played for da FOOLS…”
ME playing at a Free Speech fundraiser. (See: You Tube - “SpoAct”)

LONG DISTANCE: MY call to Radio Free Conservative channel KKOB-AM 7.70 “Jim Villanucci Show”: aired 2-21-08 3:27pm PST.

{ I think all you loyal Conservatives idiots out there are missing the BIG story about the McCain scandal. What I wanna know is: HOW many of these blond honey’s did the Telecommunication industry employ as lobbyists and WAS there Undo influence?

I GOTTA TELL YA… The Republican controlled FCC AND THE “do nothing” Republican Congress from 2000 to 2006 DID do ONE THING… THEY GAVE AWAY communication airwave bands that used to belong to the American PEOPLE. HOW the hell did ATT, Verizon, Sprint, T-moble, etc. GET such a MONOPOLY over wireless…?} click!

The Villanuc hung up on me and changed the hour’s subject.

2-22-08 5:10am EST

Morning Joe Scarborough is crying about the McCain Scandal:

“Now I thought there was an agreement… STAY AWAY FROM THE SEX…”

Oh YEA sure… NOW that the Republicans have been found out to be sexual deviates in Men‘s rooms, youth intern predators, using male prostitutes, influence for K-Street sexual favors (and great cocktail parties and vacations and contributions and free pharmaceuticals and…) YOU WANT THE SUBJECT IGNORED?

#*@/ you too in the MORNING, Joey baby. I had to spend the #@*/’n 90’s listening to pussies like YOU making a BIG deal out of Bill Clinton getting a blowjob. OHHHhh it was alright then to waste precious media/news time on sex, sex, sex, MORALITY!

It’s NOT like you or your fellow right-wing monkey Tucker Carlson are going to grow some BALLS and do an in-depth investigative report on Telecommunication lobbying in Washington, DC. Y’know, HOW the industry made HO’s out of Congress and FCC.

Not just MSNBC but all you NEWS organizations and outlets. We gave you the airwaves and you used them to #*@/ over the American PEOPLE. Soon as the Democrats take over this nation, the concerned citizens will be there to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY! Karma’s going to be a real bitch for all you sell-out America motherfuckers… WAIT?

NEWS ALERT: Hey, the Pentagon operation to shoot down a spy satellite was a SUCCESS! FOX News is leading it’s viewers saying THIS justifies Military and Reagan’s “STAR WARS” SPENDING. Hiummmmuh, AND…?

I’m WAITING for the news anchor to report on why the 20 million dollar spy satellite failed so quickly? The sexy, leggy blond is distracting me from my curiosity. Who built this malfunctioning space technology? AND THE BEST QUESTION of them ALL… Should the American taxpayer have to pay the BILLION dollar price tag to shoot the godamn spy satellite down? NO?

INSTEAD: the FOX morning News team is talking about Dilbert THE CARTOON…

NOTE: Ever notice how liberals are always represented on the news by geeky, lisping limp-wristed men?

DISTRACTION: Video of Bush Jr. jumping up on stage and doing his Farewell Africa Chippendale Dance Tour. All the young Black girls are draped in FREE George W. Bush dancewear… BUT CHANTING Obama, OBAMA!

WHAT’a MIXED-UP WORLD WE LIVE IN, right? Human beings are in great need of DIRECTION…

BREAKING NEWS: It seems John McCain got out of a Vietnamese prison camp, came home to a wife who WAITED for him all those years… AND PROMPTLY HAD AN AFFAIR with Cindy ____ future Mrs. McCain… SO much for “Family Values” huh?

…and it’s THESE kind’a PEOPLE WHO had the hypocritical audacity to question Michele Obama’s patriotism?

Journalistic HERO: The MAN who’s been called the “conscience of America”, Bill Moyers does an excellent piece about congressional earmarks. Educating Americans on how to find about SPENDING or HIDDEN LEGISLATION (that sold-out the American Middle-class) …Of course, “Conference Committee Reports”.


SNL makes US laugh at the MEDIA, our political system, the election and leaders… “…BITCHES, the NEW Black!” ??? JEEZ! Women in the USA know about suffering and degradation? And another thing, WHY THE #*@/ ARE WE LAUGHING?


“60 Minutes” does a scathing expose about the Bush Justice Dept. bias and prosecution of Democrats. So BAD EVEN REPUBLICANS are speaking out against this outrage. “OPPOSITION RESEARCH”

Justice, Economic, Military, Environmental, etc… George W. Bush has corrupted the WHOLE DAMN PROCESS by filling department positions with lobbyists and Republican Party shills. EVEN THE VOTING PROCESS CORRUPTED by “Friends of Bush” who also produce computer voting machines. ONCE AGAIN I ask: “WHAT BETTER DEFINITION OF TRAITORS?”

NOTE: (Once again let me remind the reader)

SpoAct.blogspot.com “THE BEST DAMN POLITICAL STRATEGIST” is the premier site on “opposition research” for CONCERNED CITIZENS who want to question authority and DEMAND ethics, responsibility accountability. All the ANSWERS ONE NEEDS alls ya gotta do is reads.

I’ve been telling the Democratic Party FOR YEARS to fund my opposition research against the likes of Limbaugh, Cunningham, O’Reily, Hannidy, etc, etc, etc… Most men on the LEFT are pussies and don’t possess my ability to go for the throat. They STILL haven’t got it

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