Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5 years of apathy... is what it IS!

3-19-08 President Bush Jr. spins a "ROMANTIC" tale about the WAR in Iraq... Did Bush really push for legislation that would make his Administration EXEMPT from WAR CRIMES?

5th Anniversary of the WAR IN IRAQ
…call to talk radio

What makes all the WAR SUPPORTERS think they can DO ANYTHING to bring PEACE/Democracy anywhere in the Middle East. MAYBE BUSH could of used the Palestinian/Israeli conflict as and example. I’m over 50 and the whole of my adult life there's been CONFLICT. These so-called religious peoples just don’t seem to possess the capacity to build a peaceful, prosperous, civilized society. I say LEAVE IT FOR GOD… because MAN has definitely #*@/ed things up in the Middle East.

I could give you about 10 pages of examples of WHY the USA should have stayed OUT of Iraq. But right now the most important seems to be that the Bush Administration RUINED our economy to pay for this miserable WAR. Maybe all you voters out there should ask your children and Grand-children… BECAUSE THEY’RE PAYING FOR IT!

Oh and try to get Republicans to admit the fiscal irresponsibility. I’ve asked Heather Wilson, Steve Pearce, Darrin White all YES persons for Bush. They spout out some BS about the growing economy paying for the WAR. GROWING ECONOMY? Which nation are we talking about? China. In reality instead of raising taxes to pay for his WAR Bush BORROWED TRILLION$ from the Saudi’s and communist China“.

Aired 3-19-08, 2:55pm MDT. KOB-AM 770 Host Jim Villanucci told me not to call back... (lol)

I DID MY PART AGAINST THE WAR… Protest rallies/marches, strategy meetings, workshops, petition drives, letter/email writing campaigns, News channel message board postings… but believe it or NOT… THE most PRODUCTIVE and meaningful thing I did (that GOT RESULTS) was CALL AM Conservative TALK RADIO STATIONS. (Limbaugh’s been dodging me for years, his call screener is a real STIFF)

In this technically wonderful age we live in and radio stations streaming on the internet, I can call any AM talk show, in any city, ANYWHERE! KFI in LA, WABC in NYC, WBEN Buffalo or that War in Iraq CALL I made to KOB-AM 770 news talk radio in Albuquerque.

Not only did it go out over the Net but KOB has 50,000 watts of POWER sitting on high elevation that reaches at least 17 states. I was in Southern California and got KOB at night. Those AM radio waves provide a VOICE like nothing else…

So if the "Villanuc" EVER took another one of my calls... I’d ask him WHY are Republicans are so “easy” to give Bush/Cheney a free pass on this whole lying to get in this war, thing?

WHAT? …No Ken Starr investigations into all the arms dealing and WAR PROFITEERING? What about someone taking responsibility for sending our young people to WAR in UN-ARMORED combat vehicles? Oh, lets not forget the 12 BILLION dollars unaccounted for OR the 175,000 missing weapons OR the waste, fraud and abuse? AND DO I REALLY HAVE TO MENTION ALL THE DEAD AND WOUNDED?

4:25 pm MDT - I‘ve listened for an hour + 1/2 now and MOST OF Jim Villanucci’s callers have SPOKE OUT AGAINST THE WAR IN IRAQ… Did my call influence the listeners? Or did I set it up for my people to STACK THE CALLS TODAY? You’ll NEVER know… will you, Mr. AM Radio man? (lol)

NOTE: American’s are almost ready to question authority and DEMAND ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY! …about time

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