Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama makes COME BACK !


3-18-08 9:16 AM PST


Rush Limbaugh is on the radio with his brand of Conservative rhetoric and propaganda that those dumb @*$ “ditto-heads” keep falling for over and over and ….

According to Rush, Obama’s speech was about RACE. That Obama failed to address the reasons why Reverend Wright “hated America”... Rather blaming the PAST and White people for the anger. Liberals dismiss GOD! Rush says Liberals want to form a Socialist Society of sniveling victims that Democrats cater to. How Liberals fall for “WHITE GUILT“!


NOTE: (hey Rush, you mean Socialist like Bush bailing out Bear Sterns with Corporate WELFARE?)

This same onslaught of Right-wing “poisoning the wells” will last through the November election. As usual the Democratic Party has NO IDEA how to effectively fight against and counter the Conservative spin machine. Using the same old methods of weak excuses and pandering and low key argument.

Ohhhhhh, how many times those on the LEFT said I came on too strong or sounded too angry. Even though I spoke the TRUTH they said that I "can’t say THAT!"

Whining and censored speech will NOT SWAY DISGRUNTLED REPUBLICANS and Reagan Democrats. The LEFT must learn how to go back at the Conservatives with the same textbook tactics they use against us. To be as loud, outrageous, bias, sarcastic and DAMAGING as they. Somebody's gotta DO IT, right? Might as well be ME!

I have learned these techniques and have used them effectively against the Conservative adversaries. A student of text such as the extraordinary “Opposing Viewpoints Series” put out by Greenhaven Press. Publisher David L. Bender providing gems:

“…it can be said that those who do not completely understand their adversary’s point of view… do not fully understand their own“.

I know how Conservatives ORGANIZED and their long range strategic planning. I own the obscure, hard to find 1984 book “Ominous Politics, The New Conservative Labyrinth” by John S. Saloma III. The BEST document on the subject and a warning to Liberals to counter Conservative planning.

Of course the LEFT of the 80’s was still living off it’s 60’s victories and failed to heed Saloma’s warnings… ohhhh and that the WORD wasn't spread because Saloma DIED (mysteriously) not long after finishing his manuscript in 1983.

NOTE: Here’s how someone NOT associated with Obama or his campaign should counter the likes of Limbaugh, Hannidy, O’Reily, Coulter, Cunningham, etc, etc, etc…

OBSERVATION: I don’t blame Reverend Wright for being ANGRY! Anyone who ISN'T outraged by the present state of our government and economy are the ONE’S WHO SCARE ME!

Obama Religion Argument

Here’s the thing… Conservative criticism of Obama and his former Pastor Wright is a product of their severe ideological/moral superiority complexes and religious delusions. Even though Republicans are seeing the disastrous results and failed economics of this George W. Bush Presidency... They STILL refuse to admit HUGE mistakes were made. (that's an understatement)

You’d rather defend your own guilty vanity than do what’s GOOD for the United States of America. Instead of admitting the Republican Party is plagued with vain, greed stricken, self serving, power mad, corrupt, silver spoon, special interest Lobby whores AND giving Obama a CHANCE… no, NO! You want to shill for "MORE OF THE SAME WITH JOHN McCAIN"!

Even WORSE the RIGHT’s religious delusions make them believe JESUS is their very own special friend and personal savior. Their Christian Right church leaders tell them if they tith (10%) they can do no wrong and surely GOD IS ON THEIR SIDE. How else does one explain a belief system that teaches JESUS, Bush/Cheney, arms dealers, war profiteers and the Pentagon are on the SAME SIDE?

I’M LISTENING TO THE Conservative pundits, AM talk radio and Fox news put down Obama and his church with every word out of their loud mouths. I can’t believe the level of ignorance, delusion and hypocrisy. AND they believe PAT ROBERTSON TALKED TO GOD?

NOTE: Reality now... What's worse Rev. Wright's angry diatribe or GOD's "warmonger" Pastor Hagee telling the TV audience if they send him $ ...they'll be RAPTURED, sitting with him on the clouds watching the Liberals, gays, commies, muslims, and some of their loved ones SUFFER though Revelations...

I’ve been traveling cross country doing research on the Christian Right and attending the Churches most of you Conservatives attend. These so-called good Christian churches of where I went to try to find spiritual healing and all I got was Liberal hate jokes and bias, right leaning interpretations of the Bible.

I got to know the people in these churches and asked them about what they feel most important about their belief system? The overwhelming response of abortion and gay marriage left me scratching my head. I don’t remember these 2 subjects mentioned in the bible.

What I do read is stuff like “…BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS FOR THEY SHALL BE CALLED THE CHILDREN OF GOD…” You Republican voters out there who are criticizing Obama and his church... VOTED for a President that surrounds himself with arms dealers and war profiteers.

Would JESUS approve of a War that the Bush Administration borrowed TRILLIONS of dollars from the Communist Chinese to fight?

…or what about "judge not lest ye be judged”. Why is it Limbaugh NEVER ONCE pointed that wagging finger or half a brain toward ANYTHING the Bush Administration did to #*@/ over the American PEOPLE. But Rush has the nerve, the audacity to criticize, slander, and generally turn public opinion against the BEST CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT THE PEOPLE COULD HOPE FOR. Barack Obama!

You Conservatives are obviously suffering from severe superiority complexes and religious delusions and need to get mental help before you make the stupid mistake of voting for more of the same with John McCain.

AND FOR GOD’S SAKE, STOP LISTENING TO THE CONSERVATIVE PUNDITS AND TALK RADIO LOUDMOUTHS. It will go a LONG WAY to your healing and recovery from the severe mental brainwashing.

COPYRIGHT 2008 by F. G. Esposito

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