Monday, March 24, 2008

NM Governor Bill Richardson endorses OBAMA, 4000 dead in Iraq...

Conservative talk radio call:
I think it took a LOT OF COURAGE for Gov. Richardson to endorse Obama in his time of NEED! What with all you Conservatives casting judgments upon Obama for what his pastor said. I don’t blame Rev. Wright for being angry… in this time of government and economic failure, it’s the people who AREN’T ANGRY THAT SCARE ME!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I wonder what JESUS would’a thought about the war in Iraq"

Aired 3-21-08 on KOB-AM 7.70 Host Bob Clark had a good laugh


I gave “thanks and praise” to Almighty GOD, JESUS and the Holy Spirit for this most Holy Holiday of Easter. As an offering I sacrificed unto GOD and swore I wouldn’t watch any news shows until this day of our Lord was over…

Whoa! Did I MISS A LOT! Apparently Democrats used the Easter Holiday weekend to see who could come with the best comparison to history’s most hated people. Gen. McPeak saw McCarthyism in the Clinton camp. But it was Democratic strategist James Carville that stuck to the holiday theme by calling NM Gov. Big Bill Richardson “JUDAS”…

…that is THE story? This is WHY I’ve been telling anyone who’ll LISTEN about letting a bunch of spoiled, silver spoons (who have NO idea what average Americans are going through) REPORT THE NEWS.

News segments where the likes of Anderson Cooper or Mika Brzezinski can make a BIG DEAL about PETTY BS like THIS! Cause I thought MOST AMERICANS had OTHER things on their minds. But those employed in the top tiers of society and “public sectors” workers just don’t understand. THEY have the kind of job, pension, health care SECURITY those of us in the middle and lower “private sector” can ONLY DREAM ABOUT.

Up in the Ivory Towers where Jim Carville lives the only thing that matters are STALE political alliances? COME ON! There’s NOTHING ANYONE has said so far that has changed MY mind about Bill Richardson. The MAN had the COURAGE to stand up for something different. CHANGE, the kind of change that gives POWER back to the PEOPLE.

What the #*@/ did the Clinton’s DO to stop the Gingrich Congress of the 90’s from selling out the American PEOPLE? What about Janet Reno ( I got sad stories about JUSTICE during the Clinton era)

Don’t get me wrong I love the Clintons but they belong in the past. I’m moving on… Besides, Hilary went to Bosnia UNDER FIRE, saw the HORRORS of WAR… and she STILL voted for the MISTAKE ahhhh… I mean, WAR in Iraq.

As far as I’m concerned Clinton and McCain HAD their chance. I wanna give the NEW GUY an opportunity to make good on his WORD. You wanna use Holiday metaphors I’d say it was Barack Obama that got “crucified”. For NOTHING MORE than the words of his former pastor.

NOTE: Has anyone ever listened to McCain’s Pastor? This vicious, crude mad-man named Hagee is what I like to call GODS warmonger.

LISTEN! You want the REAL STORY? Pssss, let me tell you a secret. Top Conservative strategists such as “Prince of Darkness” wannabe Richard Viguerie (“Conservative Betrayed“) have already conceded the 2008 Presidential election. John McCain is nothing more than a sacrificial lamb. Viguerie has been making the rounds speaking to WEALTHY, WELL-CONNECTED and top Corporate leaders (Aristocrats) …laying out a scenario where THEY make things SO bad for the next Democrat Presidential Administration that Old School Reagan Conservatives will ride to the rescue in 2012 AND BEYOND!

YOU PEOPLE LOVE AMERICA? Anyone who REALLY does, knows things have GOT to CHANGE. To change we MUST get rid of the Aristocrats. I’m ORGANIZING a coalition of concerned citizens to OVERSEE these top leaders. To DEMAND ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY.

NOTE: A plaque of bedbugs upon Fox News.


WHAT about the 4000 US soldiers crucified in Iraq? The blood of these brave men and women are on the hands of the Bush Administration and every Christian who voted them in. Happy Dyngus Day you pathetic, ignorant #*@?^!’s…

Now I've got to go, Part 1 of FrontlineBush’s WAR” IS ON! I REALLY hope America is watching? FUBR!


hOW ELSE does one explain the rash of SEX scandal cases. Latest being Detroit's Mayor, TEXT MESSAGES? Funny how the Republican Justice Dept. is going after Democrats, RIGHT? Conservatives are appointing Uncle Tom's and Aunt Jemima's like kYM wORTHY to try to justify such prosecutions...

THIS going on while the Bush Administration and Republicans are involved with waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, contract corruption, media consolidation, arms dealing, war profiteering, VIOLATIONS of the CONSTITUTION!

"...equal rights and JUSTICE" my skinny Italian-American @$!

HEADLINE: New Civilian Oversight Movement Demands ACCOUNTABILITY FOR the so-called JUSTICE DEPARTMENT AND US Law Enforcement.

You're ALL TRAITORS who violated your oaths to uphold the CONSTITUTION, protect and serve...

iT'S AS THOUGH the Justice Dept. and the media are unaware there's such a thing as the R.I.C.O. Act

Copyright 2008 by F.G. Esposito

COMING SOON: I introduce a NEW blog for the POOR. Written by a homeless genius I met while On the Road. What poor you say? I guess you didn’t hear about the 40+ MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level.

The Silver Spoon so-called journalists don't seem to be AWARE of that fact. Ahhhh, to make my point... I'm sitting here stuck watching MSNBC as aristocrats Willie Geist and Courtley Hazlett waste precious national airtime in breathless tones about Britney Spears appearing on some half-@$$ TV sitcom... (Morning Joe 3-25-08)

...#@*/ you too!

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