Sunday, March 16, 2008

Aristocrats and PoliticHo's



I had to take some time to fully comprehend just how #*@/ed up our present government really is. It's as though the Bush Administration and Congress are working to fulfill the Soviet philosophy that America will be "destroyed from within".

I can't say I'm surprised though... Everything George W. Bush has ever gotten his slimy hands into has turned out badly. And his
Neo-Con "financial planners" would screw over their own mothers and #*@/ up the ENTIRE planet if there was huge personal GAINS to be made.

And the Congress... I can only think of a handful of members that are actually standing by their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution and work for the best interests of the American PEOPLE. It IS STILL ABOUT THE PEOPLE, RIGHT? Y'know all the about "of, by and for" "Life, liberty, happiness, equal rights and JUSTICE"? I like to refer to Congress as "Lobby Whores".

Instead these pu$$y @*$ b!^@/ ho motha#*@/'n COWARDS have ignored their role in "checks and balances" scheme of things and allowed the Bush Administration ruin everything we hold dear about the United States of America.

The latest insult to our intelligence (I know it's a stretch when talking about the majority of Americans) is how both branches have dealt with this mortgage CRISIS.

Signs of an economic meltdown were on the horizon for over a year now = They ignored the signs...

2.2 MILLION Americans are facing foreclosure because of UNREGULATED, RUTHLESS, IRRESPONSIBLE
predatory lending practices = The Executive and Legislative did NOTHING!

Wall Street giant Bear Sterns goes down hard... Well, THEN our precious (sic) government steps in RIGHT AWAY WITH A 30 BILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT. Who’s next? Any OTHER of the Bush Administration's TOP CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS? Coincidently, the same silver spoon scumbags who were allowed to #*@/ over the American Middle-class for the last 7+ years?

The American PEOPLE will be eating out of trash bins but Bush will be there for (the who’s who of Wall St. scandal, corruption, etc.) Bear Sterns, Lehman Bros.(Enron?), MBNA Corp, Goldman Sachs, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse First Boston (charged with fraud, issuing unfair research, spinning initial public offering) Blank Rome LLP, UBS Americas (along with Credit Suisse gave it’s formal admission it exploited slave laborers from Auschwitz)

NOTE: (...sounds like ORGANIZED CRIME to me)

I may be wrong but is does ANYONE out there find this as DISTURBING a thing that could possibly happen? Isn't there something inherently WRONG with our government coming to the rescue of the LENDERS that CAUSED THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE...? While ignoring vital issues AND leaving the PEOPLE to struggle through lost of house, loss of job, loss of health care, loss of pension, loss of ... etc, etc, etc!

IN OTHER WORDS our government is the "Aristocrats" like Marie Antoinette telling the PEOPLE: "...
let them eat cake" (in French it means "go #*@/ themselves for all I care") I hope history repeats itself and the PEOPLE respond by saying: "...OFF WITH THEIR HEADS"

If America EVER needed a REVOLUTION the time is NOW. I've already organized a nationwide coalition of leaders... WHAT WE NEED NOW is the PEOPLE to join us in great numbers. It's the ONLY WAY TO BRING ABOUT TRUE CHANGE. Concerned citizens can contact me to join the "fight". Email or leave comment.

NOTE: (Non-violent, of course... sic)

copyright 2008 by F.G. Esposito


"... the Devil knew NOT what he did, when he made MAN politic..." SHAKESPEARE

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