Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pennsylvania "Rednecks" rock the Vote...

OBAMA "crucified"...

I can only do THIS a few times a month, y’know? Listen to the AM Conservative talk radio, is what I’m talking about. I HAVE to LISTEN so I can comment on what the bias, traitorous, Tokyo Rose b@$^*rds are up to. After so many years of doing this, IT’s become about as tolerable as shoving lead pencils into my ears.

I’m monitoring Shaun Hannidy today and every time I hear one of his silly, ignorant, self-absorbed, victimized, apathetic, misinformed, celebrity worshipping CALLERS tell Hannidy: “…duh, you ah good American”, I want to stomp on my radio.

I used to think there was HOPE for the hardcore Conservative base. That the realization, they’d been PLAYED FOR FOOLS, would FINALLY sink in! BUT listening to the AM Conservative talk radio playing the SAME OLD “games“ ...I know they’re LOST.

Anyone in the know can tell these morons have NEVER been to a Black Church. They're used to that profit based Evangelical bullshit. How could they recognize the true voice of the "one weeping in the wilderness".

My personal favorite sermons came from the Reverend Bernell Butler:

"...Abraham, was a BOAT ROCKER, Moses... he was a BOAT ROCKER. John the Baptist, living in the desert, eating locusts and wild honey, was a BOAT ROCKER! AND the BIGGEST BOATROCKER OF THEM ALL... JESUS!"

All over Conservative talk radio and Fox spin (ahhhh I mean) news, the veiled RACISM about the Pastor Wright sermons, directed at Barack Obama. It reminds me of Pennsylvania… The ONLY northern State that’s actually WORSE than ANY Southern State when it comes to racist attitudes. If I was Obama, I’d just let Hilary have the wretched place. They’re BOTH showing their TRUE COLORS.

Now, the reader must be wondering WHY Pennsylvania? Well, my OWN experiences and travels through the State SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

The MOST prominent memory

I was about 17, on a trip down to my father’s deer hunting cabin with friends and family. My Pops and all his friends are Italian immigrants who had to HUNT for food during their youth. They were a hearty bunch of slick woodsmen. Creeping through the trees and hills of the Southern New York, PA border, shooting and butchering the bucks. One of my favorite things on the planet was the Italian sausage these people made by mixing pork and venison. Uhmmmm!

NOTE: (Wow I was having an WNY Italian food flashback)

Anyway, after a day in the woods we’d all pile into the cars and head across the Pennsylvania border (near Whitesville, lol) for dinner and few drinks. JEEZ, it was days before Thanksgiving and everyone SHOULD have been in that festive “goodwill toward fellow men” MOOD, right?

We were in this one bar playing pool when these two deer hunters (who happened to be Black Men) walked in for some holiday cheer. For NO REASON OTHER THAN PURE HATRED… these two poor Black Men were subjected to one of the worst gang beat downs I’ve ever seen ANYWHERE! The culprits were Pennsylvania “Rednecks” who were enforcing their “Whites Only” territory.

About 7 or 8 “Aryans” jumped the “Brothers” in the bar and started kicking and punching them, also with beer mugs and pool cues. Then they dragged them outside continuing the beating. The Black Men struggled to get to their car but the Nazi’s tipped over their Volkswagon.

I was going into the car trunk for my 12 gauge to shoot me some evil Redneck @$$! I was loading slugs when My Father stopped me. Instead he when down the road to call police.

By that time, two Black men were down and out… the fascists went back in the bar or scattered. I don’t imagine the local police would have done much anyway. After THAT... I started noticing there’s more Confederate flags displayed in PA than ANYWHERE in the South.

Darkside Alabama… Pennsylvania. Mississippi Burning… Pennsylvania. Apartheid South Africa… Pennsylvania“.

Can I convict a WHOLE State because of a few bad experiences? I don’t know? YOU people are convicting Obama on a few bad sermons, FROM HIS FORMER PASTOR, RIGHT? Ya ignorant #*@/’n

My favorite Prayer:
"... AND thank you Almighty GOD for making me Italian-American... So I can separate myself from the White Anglo Saxon Protestants..."

COPYRIGHT 2008 by F.G. Esposito

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