Wednesday, May 21, 2008

“It can be said that those who do NOT completely understand their adversary’s point of view… DO NOT fully understand their own”. DAVID L. BENDER

I THINK that quote (by the publisher of the enlightening “Opposing Viewpoints” series of books put out by Greenhaven Press) best identifies the problem that exists in a DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA for the 2008 elections.

To be honest I’m VERY disappointed with both the Republican and Democrat Parties of the last few decades. If I thought for a second some 3rd Party Candidate had a chance in hell of winning the Presidential election… I’d be out VOLUNTEERING for that campaign right NOW!

But Americans haven’t suffered enough yet for that to be a REALITY. Believe me, I’ve researched this subject and the CLOSEST thing I could find to bring about the CHANGES Americans are begging for is a Barack Obama Presidency.

Barack Obama rose up from the America, 40 million PEOPLE struggling below the poverty level, exist in. He represents the HOPES of CONCERNED CITIZENS that have endured and suffered through 7+ years of the Bush Administration. A corrupt group of big Oil execs and special interest lobbyists that have ravaged and expatriated most of our nations wealth and resources.

Since 2000 I’ve probably communicated with most of top leaders of the Republican Party and Conservative Movement. NOT ONE of them can explain away all the lies, waste, fraud, abuse, incompetence, scandal, bias, arms dealing, war profiteering, torture and CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS…

Instead, they hire spin doctors and Rush Limbaugh/Bill O’Reilly types to deflect guilt and point fingers at Democrats or Liberals. HOW many weak minds have been warped by the rhetoric, propaganda, low grade thought processes and whiny excuses of the right-wing fear mongers?

I get a gut ache every time I hear some ignorant, White trash, redneck, hillbilly saying they’d NEVER vote for Obama because he’s Black or He’s Muslim or whatever other uncomplimentary label the “Conservative Labyrinth” (*John S. Saloma III) can come up with. I’m still waiting for just ONE Republican Party official to step up and give a legitimate explanation. WHY any American should TRUST their judgment after the miserable failure known as George W. Bush?

copyright 2008 by F. G. Esposito

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