Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bush & Hitler in Israel

Bush and McCain proved just how ridicules this mad pair really is. It’s clear the Republican campaign is going to revolve around FEAR MONGERING (I'm betting a terrorist attack will take place BEFORE the election, Right Dick Cheney?) AND connecting Obama to terrorism... BUT, today at the Knesset in Israel, Bush SANK to an ALL TIME NEW low in political speech. I can’t even imagine the loss of brain cells it takes to be in a room full of Jews and bring up HITLER to score political points?

AND then back in America McCain joins in to attack Obama on foreign policy… Note: (McCain is the Master of the Moment, If IT feels good say IT, if the crowd loves IT, speak IT... even if IT is full of $#it. Old man McCain is the queen of FLIP FLOP!

Of course there’s the 27% of dumb-ass White, blue collar, uneducated voters in America will fall for this GOP kind of rhetoric and propaganda. They’ve been listening to Radio Free Conservative and it’s ingrained in the tiny brains that:

1) Democrat = weak military, soft on terrorism, high taxes, gay marriage, abortion. (Note: A PRODUCT of Republican lies, rhetoric, propaganda and bull$#it... I think I've made that POINT very well in both my blogs)

2) Barack Obama is the Liberal that opens the door for terrorism.

Let’s look at the facts. You want to talk about appeasers, m’#*~/’r? Cheney and Rumsfeld LONG history of arming and financing the likes of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Lunatic among OTHERS!

THE LAST PERSON ON THIS PLANET TO BE POINTING FINGERS IS George W. Bush. Could anyone else #*~/ things up so badly? This Presidential boob did EVERYTHING Osama bin Lunatic could have hoped for.

1)Get rid of Saddam Hussein who had his boot on the throat of Muslim fanatics.

2)Break the US economy with reckless economics and war profiteering.

3)Fight the War in Iraq and ignore Afghanistan.

4) Americans need a measure of what can be considered VICTORY in Iraq... How about THIS? Bush/McCain may declare victory when they take a walk through Baghdad without a military or security detail like Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad CAN DO! Note: all these Republican/Conservative liars and propagandists should be dropped off in the middle of Iraq and let them FIGHT their way OUT like they did to our soldiers.

REVISED 5-16-08 Wow, Bush is back in Saudi Arabia to stick his nose up the a*$ of the Saudi Royals to prop up the US economy until he leaves office...

Hey, I want the Israelis to think about THIS: How many of those missing BILLIONS and 175,000 MISSING WEAPONS in Iraq ...made the way to Hamas or OTHER terrorist organizations?

OHhhhh.... I know, I KNOW, IT'S JUST A COINCIDENCE that Osama bin Lunatic released a threat against Israel about the SAME TIME Bush was in Israel trying to connect Obama to appeasing terrorists...

More of the same Bush Administration FEAR MONGERING? The Bush Administration has been CONTROLLING this whole terrorism, Osama bin Laden from the start...

NOTE: Remember British Intelligence agents caught by Iraqi police ACTING AS DRIVE-BY insurgents?

MARK 1:2-3

Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee. The VOICE of one crying in the wilderness

NOTE: did you see the Countdown Keith
Olbermann RANT on 5-14-08? Bush got SPANKED and caught in ANOTHER lie.

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Nader Enthusiast said...

If you want to know what Bush is really thinking, you have to listen to preachers like Hagee (ugh). They want more wars because that will fulfill prophecy and Israel will convert to Christianity. I know this sounds wacko, but they are more insane than they appear. I predict an October surprise.