Monday, April 14, 2008

#*~/ You Mayhill Fowler, McCain and Hilary, TOO!

Talking points to use AGAINST McCain and the Clinton’s

I can’t believe Americans are still falling for all this bullshit coming from both the McCain and Clintoncamps”. Just because all those grinning fools that pass for news anchors nowadays, put it on TV doesn’t mean it’s #*@/’n TRUTH!

The only people in this nation I have ANY respect for are the good, VOLUNTEER, “Concerned Citizens” who work in the SERVICE of the CONSTITUTION! Someday all Americans will WAKE to the possibilities. BUT FIRST YOU MORONS GOT TO STOP GETTING PLAYED FOR FOOLS, AND FALLING FOR THE BULLSHIT!

I SAID once AND I’ll say IT 10,000 more #*@/’n TIMES until it sinks in… (Y’know the Italian-American’s already have a name for you pitiful m’#*~/r’s , TESTA DURA… it means HARD HEADS)

All you have to do is LISTEN to what John McCain and Hilary Clinton are saying, take notes of key points… THEN get on that wonderful informational tool called the INTERNET and research the content of their BULLSHIT! All the hypocrisy is NOT difficult to find… It’s the WAY your brain processes the INFORMATION that MATTERS!

Let’s use today’s bullshit as an example:

John McCain is talking about solving the mortgage crisis… JEEZ Senator, NOW you care for the average American? After all this time you spent #*@/ing them over and selling them out…

McCain is the only m’#*@/’r running for President that’s been alive for all 3 of the last banking crisis scandals… During THE GREAT DEPRESSION! More recently the Savings and Loan scandal (right Senator Keating 5?) of the 80’s. AND then present in the who’s WHO of Wall Street, K-St., financial institutional lobbying, scandal, fraud and corruption… SINCE!

You must think I’M STUPID, McCain… ya OLD M’’’’#*`/’r

And DEAR SWEET HILARY CLINTON on the road, taking shots of Crown Royal to LOOSEN up for her very OWN special brand of BULLSHIT! Hilary is the master of the MOMENT… It feel good to SAY IT, the crowd LOVE IT, the media and Saturday Night Live suck IT UP… The only PROBLEM is IT IS FULL OF SHIT!

Hilary Clinton talking about concern for the working American’s... is about as genuine as WalMarts concern (WAIT, Hilary worked to promote WALMART trade practices, DIDN’T SHE?) …or Communist China’s concern OR… ~ …Lol, SUCKER’S!

One can tell the reality behind this media produced outrage we know as the 2008 Presidential campaign…

Ohhhh look Hilary has been getting loads of FREE AIR TIME on the FOX Spin Channel… but ONLY IF SHE’S BADMOUTHING BARACK OBAMA… GET IT? The Neo-Con’s are foaming at the mouth for Hilary to win the nomination and they’ll make sure Hilary gets huhmmm… Let me see, the last 6 minutes ON FOX to talk about Obama being AN ELITIST??? ( 4-13-08 10 o’clock hour am, PST )

#*~/ YOU… it’s ALL an insult TO THE INTELLIGENCE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE (well some of us anyway)

AND NOW I’d like to turn the readers attention to the Huffington Post and “citizen journalist“ (?… YEA RIGHT, some ladder climbing bitch is WHAT she IS) named Mayhill Fowler.

It seems Mayhill has been following Obama around the nation just waiting to record ANYTHING she could make a big deal out of… So she plays the part of some “gurl from the rural“, all insulted because Obama talked bad about the Fowler Clan sacred “GUNS AND RELIGION”… (laughter)

I’m wondering when the last time anyone from the Huffington Post (Mayhill Fowler) or CNN (Lou Dobbs), NBC, MSNBC, FOX, ABC has been to rural America, lately… Especially a Black person?

The last time I saw Blacks in a rural Pennsylvania setting they were hunters who walked in the “WRONG” bar… They got beat down for their “uppyness”.

Has anyone from the Huffington Post been to a rural church, EVER! Well I have… I went to these so-called Christian Churches for research and spiritual healing and ALL I GOT was liberal hate jokes and bias right-wing interpretations of the bible.

(NOTE: I swear in this one church in the outback southwest I had a vision of the congregation laughing at a VILE, hate joke… they all appeared as demons IN FLAMES… it was VERY upsetting. I got up and walked out immediately) NOW IMAGINE A BLACK PERSON walking in off the street into one of those churches.

You so-called journalist are ALL showing your ignorance and false, petty outrage to bring down Obama… SAD, so very SAD! Sharp political minds, MY @$$! MORE like Silver spoons so-called journalists trying to be relevant. What I can’t BELIEVE is how the Huffington Post covered this story with the same ZEAL as the FOX Spin Channel...

Not Your Everyday "Terrorist Threat"

Here! …a NOBODY like ME with no budget is going to do the billion dollar media’s JOB… ONCE AGAIN! (I’m gonna fuck you pussy’s up if you KEEP STEALING MY TALKING POINTS... somebody BETTER come up with the “props and pay“, m’#*@’r’s)


It all began after this soldier leaves a comment on my You Tube site. The ignorant motherfucker had the audacity to question MY PATRIOTISM, just cause I don’t agree with his Bush-like mentality…

Well I wasn’t going to let him get away with THAT, SO I wrote up some literary sucker punches and started a NEW blog “THE CYBER BITCH SLAP” … and slapped that soldier boy bitch. (last post)

“That’s it? That’s ALL you GOT? That’s your comeback? Yea Jose, whatever… Next time TRY bringing some facts, statistics and CONTENT into your argument… THIS ain’t checkers, THIS is chess. Ya ignorant, military apologist YOU! Don’t comment on MY BLOG until you can DEBATE like a MAN!

I take IT you missed “60 Minutes” on CBS last night? (4-13-08) I guess all those confidential, highly classified documents you somehow have access to never mentioned how a CORRUPT Bush Administration propped up and even MORE CORRUPT Iraqi government? Billions of US tax dollars LOST, in the pockets of some of the MOST EVIL beings on the planet… So please don’t BLESS me with whatever satan m’#*@/’r YOU’RE praying to…

FIXATED? YEA, so this devil WAR for PROFIT crap NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN! I WILL work endlessly until the Bush Administration and ALL his War Profiteering cronies are in crowded holding cells wearing chains waiting for WAR CRIMES TRIALS… ya Mussolini m’#*~/r’s

SOFT? Don’t bring your DICK into this debate, that’s your lady’s problem… (lol)

You can call me SOFT over the internet BUT I’ll BET the farm you ain’t got the heavos to say THAT face to face, IN PERSON… Ya cyber yella belly!

Let this be a LESSON for ALL You Tubers… Don’t mess with ME! I’m tougher than TOUGH, badder than BAD AND Jose just got the “Cyber Bitch Slap” (my new blog)…”

And then I got really mad after Jose wrote back to threaten me...

“Blah Blah Blah, Yea I need exercise, but you’re still at home, at 37 past the hour writing to me. LOL. I get MORE exercise doing what I do than some “has been” soldier collecting welfare, living out the only thing he had the brains to DO!

I’m 6’2” 200lbs of rock hard MEAN, m’’’’#*@/er. Anytime you wanna leave your safe zone and meet face to FACE, give me a time and place and I’ll be there.

Remember ya silly bitch, YOU CAME TO my house (You Tube site) and questioned MY patriotism… I have the 1st Amendment Right to say or print anything on MY SITE… ya boy.

I guess you missed the part of your SWORN OATH to defend the Constitution? You fuCking mental midget, SOLDIER BOY! You need to learn RESPECT for your elders toO YA PUNK HO!


OK, ok you people have the picture, it got ugly... So I decided to check this "joseitsme" guy out… And that’s how I found the DISTURBING You Tube video Christian Supremacy and segregation” by in Gods Army…

(I refuse to post this vile BS video on my holy site)

Be scared, be very, VERY SCARED, America… This is the kind of warped vile crap that’s being passed off as Christianity TO OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN & IN SMALL TOWN, RURAL AMERICA!

Obama is right, as a Black Man, anyway! I dare any one of you so-called News Organizations to sent on of your Black employees (no camera crew) To certain small towns in PA among other REDNECK havens. I’ll bet the farm the Black man gets the “Whites Only” treatment… especially in a bar.

What about YOU Huffington Post? Arrianna is a fraud…

Hey, I never said Liberals couldn’t be FOOLS, too… It’s NOT ALL about the Conservatives y’know?

Ooooohhh NO, I have to fight with all those grinning hippie holdovers that kept voting 3rd Party even if IT MEANT A 2nd BUSH TERM… Even NOW the idiots are holding on to their so-called “principles“… #*@/ YOU TOO @$$holes! It’s as though they’re oblivious to the fact we’re 7 months AWAY from one of the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTIONS IN U.S. HISTORY.

NOTE: (Abbie Hoffman once said he came up with the term “YIPPIE” to separate himself from the hippies… who he felt RUINED the protest movement in America. At University of Buffalo “Yippie VS. Yuppie” lecture tour with Jerry Rubin)

Obama… HERE’S A MAN who has aroused the APATHETIC masses…
He’s gotten PEOPLE involved who’ve NEVER EVEN VOTED BEFORE…
(THE Democratic Party should be on it’s knees THANKING Obama for filling their voter registration roles) His speeches have INSPIRED MILLIONS… and all you stupid m’#*@~r’s are TRYING TO RUIN THAT?

COME ON! I thought ANYONE taking the oath of office or got behind a news desk would have the INTEGRITY not to warp and corrupt the election process. The American PEOPLE want CHANGE! There’s NO #*~’n debate about THAT… THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!

…it IS STILL about the PEOPLE, right? Y’know all that about "of, by, for"?

Why not gain some courage like BILL MOYERS and do an in-depth investigation on the FARM BILL OR MAYBE A GOLDEN OLDIE - 527 “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" (HA) Funny how the story never got OUT… how they stumped for Bush because they were heavily invested with Bush war profiteering cronies… or ANY one of the many VITAL Bush scandal corruption stories you could be using precious TV national airtime for…

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