Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reckless Economics & Fiscal Irresponsiblity

I’m wondering how history is going to label the American ADULTS of the last 20 years? Let me suggest THIS: “THE MOST FISCALLY IRRESPONSIBLE GENERATION“.

Rebate checks to STIMULATE the economy, huh? Let me be perfectly clear on this subject, stimulate the BUSH ECONOMY! THIS is NOTHING but ANOTHER attempt to PROP UP the dire results of the Bush Administrations RECKLESS fiscal policy, UNTIL they leave office. I want NO PART OF IT!

I hope all you CONSUMERS out there ENJOY your rebate check spending spree BECAUSE your children and grandchildren ARE PAYING FOR IT!

REALITY now… where the #*~/ do you people think ALL THESE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE COMING FROM? We’re already TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DEBT. That miserable mind numbing WAR in Iraq and Bush spending tax dollars like a crack Ho with a credit card.

Funny how the US Government will punish someone like Wesley Snipes to MAKE AN EXAMPLE for those who don’t pay taxes… But once the Government bureaucrats get hold of that TAX revenue… THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH ALL THE WASTE, FRAUD, ABUSE, SCANDAL, CORRUPTION that made up the Bush Administration “Reckless Economics”… No investigation, no prosecution, no punishment for a CRIME WAVE OF EPIC proportions. It’s like the #*~/’n JUSTICE (sic) Department NEVER HEARD OF the R.I.C.O Act! The CRIMINALS get secret service law enforcement PROTECTION in this poor excuse of a U.S. DEMOCRACY!

Bush has been hitting the booze again, slurred speech... watch news clips with the Military band 4-27-08. When George W. made his State of the Economy speech last month I thought he was back on the cocaine. The excited speech and wild eyed enthusiasm…

Somebody better check Fort Knox to see if there’s ANY GOLD LEFT. Make sure you scrape the gold bricks to make sure it’s not painted lead or something… y’know? EXPERIENCE HAS TAUGHT ME ONE JUST CAN’T TRUST OUR CURRENT GOVERNMENT…

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