Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just because the Conservatives are getting played for FOOLS, DOESN'T MEAN THE REST OF US HAVE TO

Representing the REAL great Americans & Patriots


Oh boy, here we go AGAIN… General David Petraeus is on the boob tube bullshitting the American PEOPLE. Reality NOW! What the #*@/ did you think the General is going to SAY? Petraeus speaking out against the WAR is like a Cop telling the American public the WAR on Drugs is a mind-numbing, miserable FAILURE…

Ohhhh NO, there’s job/pension/health care SECURITY in that kind of bullshit… Y’know the kind those of us in the “private sector” CAN ONLY DREAM ABOUT!

CIVIL SERVANTS my skinny Italian-American @*$… Just who is serving WHO?

Ooooh, Petraeus has charts… WELL, that makes up for fact the Bush Administration #*@/’n LIED to get us in this pitiful, miserable, life-blood sucking WAR IN IRAQ.

Not to mention all the waste, fraud, abuse, contract corruption, missing BILLION$, 170,000+ misplaced weapons, reckless economics, Wall St. scandal, domestic spying, arms dealing, war profiteering, torture, CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS!

And what about sending our brave soldier into battle in vehicles with NO #*@/’n ARMOR?

I’m wondering just what kind of mental illness it is that makes Conservative voters give the Bush Administration FREE PASS on all the crimes, incompetence and OTHER LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES? And want MORE OF THE SAME WITH JOHN McCAIN?

AND THOSE YELLA BELLIES IN CONGRESS (and media) DOING NOTHING… 7+ YEARS OF #*@/’n over the American PEOPLE and I’m NOT supposed to be ANGRY? That’s what Homeland Security (protector of the Con Men/Women) says…

Anyone questioning the authority of the Bush Administration or the Pentagon is considered a “terrorist threat”. I want to know who the @*~$^@/er was that DEFINED that threat.

Ohhhhh and god forbid you ORGANIZE the PEOPLE TO demand ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY… The government will use ALL it’s POWER and taxpayers wealth to get RID of you and any protest movement that formed. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MY UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?


Here we go… U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker is trying to justify the THREE TRILLION DOLLARS it’s going to cost the American taxpayer to pay for managing this Iraqi Civil WAR. It’s as though our top leaders living in the #*@/’n Ivory Towers are oblivious to the fact our own nation’s infrastructure and economy are FAILING. But I can’t get MAD about THAT either.

I SO SICK of you Right-wing Conservative WAR profiteers and the dumb @$$ voters that fall for their bullshit… Just because you stupid m’#*@/r’s are getting played for FOOLS doesn’t mean the GOOD Americans have to put up with IT.

There’s MORE than enough Constitutional protections to make sure these Republican Criminals spend their retirement in crowded holding cells wearing chains waiting for WAR CRIME TRIALS!

And if the Bush regime has circumvented those Constitutional Rights, and made himself and his cronies EXEMPT FROM ANY PROSECUTION… well then we’re really NOT America anymore… are we?

HEY! All you silly, stupid, self-absorbed, victimized, apathetic, celebrity worshiping COWARDS. I have a message for you… “UNITE OR DIE” “ETERNAL VIGILANCE

Quote of the Day:
The devil knew NOT what he did when he made MAN politic…”

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