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Yea Jose, there’s THATBut as a patriotic American I feel it’s my duty to present an OPPOSING VIEWPOINT:

The ONLY thing you SERVED was a bunch of vain, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken silver spoon CON MEN profiting from the WAR. I’M NOT talking about Afghanistan, I mean Iraq.

You REPRESENT the “Universal soldier” that EMPOWERED and backed up the Bush LIES that got us in this miserable WAR in the 1st place.

You HELPED the Iraqi people? …cause that’s NOT what they’re saying on Bill Moyers Journal and Democracy Now. The FACT is millions of Iraqi’s have been killed, maimed, expatriated, living in refugee camps.

AND what about the 4000+ American dead, ten’s of thousands wounded… Waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, incompetence, contract corruption, arms dealing, war profiteering, torture, CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS… GOOD JOB m’#*@/r’s!

Since you’re a military EXPERT (sic) You should already know:

Strategically, the USA was MUCH better off with Saddam. The man was MAD of course, but his jackboot was on the throat of every Muslim fanatic that's now our ENEMY. Saddam countered Iran, Syria, Hamas, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan. AND ONCE AGAIN, there was no al Qaeda in IRAQ!

NOW? ...Well, Iraq is deep in Civil WAR. Shiite VS. Sunni, Sunni VS Kurd, Shiite VS Shiite… it’s a #*@/’n mad house… Maybe we shoulda kept Saddam around as well as the Soviets before him… BOTH who historically knew these savages needed to be CONTROLLED.

NOTE: (If nothing else American's are witness to the low grade thought processes that drives FOREIGN POLICY in the Conservative Movement. TIME TO GO, stiffs)

Al Qaeda is waiting in the wings... George W, Bush did EVERYTHING Osama bin Lunatic could have hoped for... bin is gonna destroy America (from within) just like he did the Soviet Union... Ruin the economy paying for NEVER ENDING WAR!

jOSE'S waving the flag but he's just like every other silly, ignorant, self-absorbed, victimized, apathetic, celebrity worshipping FOOL that voted for George W. Bush... YOU'VE LOST TOUCH WITH REALITY, m'@*@~r's!


Bush or McCain
have to go into Bagdad under cover of night with 1000’s of military people to guard them. Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can NOW go into Iraq, NO SECURITY, in the middle of a crowd with NO INCIDENT! Strategically speaking… YOU and your man Bush FAILED MISERABLY.

And allow me to point out the economic toll on the American PEOPLE:

By the end of Bush’s reign all America’s most valuable assets will have been sold off, off shored, or given away to one of Bush's silver spoon cronies.

Then what happens? Well, then it’s the average American that’s going to PAY for Bush spending money like a "Ho with a credit card". We’ll be “under the economic thumb” of the Saudi’s and Communist China. Hey Jose, MAYBE you should’a asked you kids if they wanted WAR cause they’re the one’s paying for it…

YEA Jose, that scares me more than any terrorist threat. Good plan George W. Bush. Your war in Iraq opened the back door to economic ruin… I’d say we’re already #*@/ed but Bush has been going round the world getting his handler’s to prop up the US economy until he leaves office… Then he can blame the Democrats that are SURE to win BIG in November 2008.

I admit you're a brave individual, Jose… along with all your fellow Vets… BUT YOUR BRAVERY WAS WASTED on the Bush Administration

Now I on the OTHER HAND… have spent the last quarter century+
A VOLUNTEER fighting in service of THE CONSTITUTION. No one had to PAY me, I did it out of LOVE for this great nation and ALL it stands for…

(Well, before Bush got a hold of IT anyway… I want no part of Bush's IT, especially since Bush/Cheney made TORTURE part of US foreign policy)

I volunteered my TIME (y’know the time YOU spent on the couch watching WW Raw wrestling GETTING that steroid bound, bad brains MESSAGE that all problems can be solved with VIOLENCE!

I stood up and organized the PEOPLE teaching them HOW to ACTUALLY USE their Constitutional Rights. Instead of soldiers wasting money in a foreign country we became “concerned citizens” fighting RIGHT HERE at home to keep FREEDOM from becoming a DELICATE CONCEPT. Y’know Jose, all THAT about LIFE, LIBERTY, HAPPINESS, EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE


I questioned AUTHORITY, demanded ACCOUNTABILITY. Gave assistance to victims of government meddling/incompetence and police abuse of POWER.

I stood up for the 35 million Americans struggling below the poverty level, or the 2+million Americans in the jail/prison “Convict Lease System”.

Land of the Free,Home of the BRAVE” my skinny Italian-American @*$. With a mainstream media full of sell-out cowards and the largest prison population on the planet?

Hey Jose, maybe you should turn your attention to vital issues like the upcoming Farm Bill that’s in Congress. $’s for the Rich? That’s what Bill Moyers and Expose said…

copyright 2008 by F.G. Esposito

NEXT: ...a BIG #*@/ you to the Huffington Post and Mayhill Fowler... Liberals have FOOLS, too!

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