Saturday, January 18, 2014

Only a “Conscious” few in USA understand need to FIGHT BACK!

FIGHT the POWER! for REAL this time...

Infamous serious activists who got actual RESULTS... the "Riverside 20" (also known as Riverside's Freeway Twenty) shutdown 91 Freeway for ten minutes to DEMAND accountability from local government for abuse of power.


Whenever I’m in Southern California I have to stay clear of certain city cops and local politicians. I made a LOT of enemies during the great uprising of 1998-2003. Cutting edge boat-rocking & community organizing surrounding the questionable police shooting cases of 19 yr old Tyisha Miller in Riverside, CA & 18 yr old Irving Landrum Jr. in Claremont...

then Mario Paz in El Monte (choke-hold) & 18 yr old Ginenne Stover in Highland (officer couldn't take down an 89lbs White girl without SHOOTING HER 2 TIMES IN THE CHEST!)

& Dante Meniefield in Moreno Valley (shot for smoking a joint) & Margaret Lavern Mitchell in LA (mentally ill, homeless, defending her shopping cart)… 

...or what about actor Anthony Lee who was at a Halloween party when he pulled out a toy gun playing around when he was shot by a LAPD “protect and serve” sworn officer who was outside the house spying in through a window…   

I could go on but the point is we did a lot of boat-rocking out there and the LAW hates us for questioning their AUTHORITY. Rev Jackson, Rev Sharpton, Rodney King, etc were all there.  It was a gd cop shooting spree. The movement grew as Concerned Citizens used creative organizing to protest questionable police shootings  (for victims list see Oct22nd Coalition "Stolen Lives") WE SACRIFICED OUR OWN SAFETY, HEALTH, FREEDOM to rock foundations of the status quo...

For helping shut down the 91 Freeway, I was sentenced to 75 days jail getting tortured by racist corrections officers & fighting with skinhead inmates. The LAW hates when the PEOPLE question it's power. Most in the so-called Liberal media and Progressive Stars/Comedians ignored our pleas for a forum to bring attention to police abuse of power issues. Too busy feathering their own nests to HELP out once in a while y'know? Maybe a phone call to the jail just to make sure activist aren't getting BEAT DOWN like Abu Ghraib, ON USA SOIL, fuckn assholes...  

Ohhh, just a side note… NOT ONE OF THE pigs... ahh, I mean POLICE OFFICERS INVOLVED WERE EVER fuckn CHARGED! So kiss my skinny ass mothafuckers!

NOW, compare NJ Governor Christie's people shutdown busiest bridge in USA over 4 days... terrorizing children of Democratic voters on fuck'n  anniversary of 9/11? COME ON! Equal JUSTICE, really?

How come the Democratic Party and news media ignore serious activists in the trenches? Well, why complain? At very least Democrats don't retaliate against boat-rockers. (lol) That's the BIG D Difference between Republicans and Democrats... Bush was in power for about 5 minutes before he came after community organizers and political activists... 

Oooohhhhh, I still carry the injuries of the LAWs physical & mental abuse. Routine traffic stop my ASS! Activists/community organizers became the unpopular kids on the block after 9/11/01. Let me tell from experience, IT was fuck'n HORRIBLE! ...but I guess you'll never know because most Americans don't have the COURAGE to test the system.

On the other side, we’ve spent the last 6 years criticizing, provoking, threatening, organizing, protesting, punching, etc ~ but we couldn't get the Obama Feds to break in on us… yet (lol)

Authors NOTE: Managia la America! Discriminatory practices against Italian-Americans because we have an inbred hatred of any kind of authority. All you WASP pussies go to the mafia movies to feel tough, but as history has shown, you stand in our way of preventing a USA Mussolini.
Patriots working HARD keeping RWNJ’s from turning FREEDOM INTO A DELICATE CONCEPT, a GOP Flag pin  or a West Virginia chemical company.  Anyone who votes for GOP, you'll be turning USA into the United Suckers of America

Corporate newsies, WE WILL FORCE OURSELVES UPON YOU ya bunch of silver spoon corporate hoes lol

© 2014 by F.G. Esposito 

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riverside 20, Rev. Bernell Butler, Larry Halstead

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