Thursday, November 21, 2013

NOT the children!

 "...greedy, conservative, CONTROL by AUTHORITY freaks? Republicans/Conservatives are propaganda junkies because of the shame over their poor voting choices. We've been studying the people who've been using the "Songs of David" in DUB & the Lost 12th Tribe of Judah to save the children from Right wing MADNESS!
Lloyd the Baptist preaches: "the wrath of GOD is upon the land they don't suffer the sins of their parents, children must be indoctrinated away from the evil liars, brainwashing, hate speech, racism, false prophets and home schooling in Tea Party, Values Voters, right wing, money-loving degenerate land..."
So far all our studies, tests and research concludes the Baptist is on to something..."
Professor Dale Cassidy

WARNING:  Tests prove something in DUB music from the Songs of David... 

DUB - A Good Hanukkah from Lost 12th Tribe of Judah 

... actually changes synapses of one’s brain. If you want to continue thinking like a Right Wing, religious fanatic, pill-popping, neo-conservative Republican. I wouldn’t watch or let your children watch this video because you’ll never be the same.  Great for the holidays! Jaspa is an amazing creature & this is genius!
jaspa version


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