Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Follow all the books, back & forth, over & over...

Look into my mind's eyes...  ...when I snap my fingers you'll feel happy, refreshed and ready to join our FIGHT!

This is a righteous WAR against vicious, hateful, Neo-Con, trust fund baby money-hoarders. Greed-stricken power-mad Silver Spoons who hate the American PEOPLE. They hate what they FEAR because a UNITED population is the ONLY thing that can STOP THEIR EVIL PLANS! We FIGHT but are only a few 1000's. To make a difference MILLIONS of Concerned Citizen warriors are needed. ACT now, make a difference in YOUR community. DEMAND ethics, responsibility & accountability from local government and business leaders. 

If you don't get involved WE will make you apathetic mothafuckers dance like chickens... (lol)

I think most Americans would rather have a Class War or revolution than another Corporate rigged election where the Silly Party... ahhh I mean Tea Party is a factor.

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