Friday, October 25, 2013

REPRINT of a 2003 Strategic Activist Classic

* cause many readers don't get IT! ...and FCC is asleep at the wheel
WARNING: Mental Illness or Brainwashing?

"The awesome power of propaganda (and weak minds it works on) is worse than any of us first realized. It’s out of control and mark my words will lead to horrific situations and domestic terror that will tear the nation apart. We’ve crunched numbers, did the research and we figure by 2007 a majority of Republicans/Conservatives will have lost their f**king minds. 

NOTE: (when the crazies do lose it, don’t interfere or engage, just protect/defend yourself and family best you can. Let the Conservative wackos destroy themselves)

I’ve been writing about psychological warfare since the first time I heard Rush Limbaugh spewing his patented Heritage Foundation bulls**t in the late 80s. Just about the same time the Supreme Court and Reagan/Bush FCC killed the Fairness Doctrine. 
(I know I KNOW, just a coincidence... like every time a Bush is in White House Americans suffer through a banking/financial crisis/scandal)

I’ll never forget, it was on the road just crossing the border from New Mexico to Arizona at the Rt.666 exit. I turned on the car radio and there was this loudmouth talking extremely insulting bulls**t about people like me and our belief system. It reminded me of the old war movies with soldiers listening to music when all of the sudden some “Tokyo Rose comes on:
“…turn against your leaders soldier boy, then we let you go home, be with your mommy or little girlfriend
I’m surprised they allowed this insanity on Armed Forces Radio.  

That’s how I came up with the Radio Free Conservative premise. Remember the COLD WAR? The United States broadcast programming through Radio Free Europe and Voice of America… OR what the Intelligence Community calls PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE!
“…The goal of psychological warfare is to change the behavior of countries and their populations. Normally, the intent is to WEAKEN the loyalty and confidence that PEOPLE have in their leaders’ polices . An attempt to INFLUENCE the attitudes of the PEOPLE living there…”
    (“International Relations through Science Fiction”, edited by Martin Greenburg and Joseph D. Olander) 

NOW, can ANYONE who’s ever tried to hold a legitimate debate with ONE OF Rush Limbaugh’s “DITTO-HEADs”, tell me Radio Free Conservative wasn’t history’s most successful brainwashing of a target population? COME ON! Limbaugh and a gaggle of Conservative talk clones ( then FOX News) were taught all the textbook forms of bias persuasion that divided the nation and made Republican voters into FOOLS! Look into Conservative wacko eyes… that grinning, idiot, smirky blank look not unlike the face of a 13 year old boy who just discovered masturbating.  (lol)

(unfortunately Democrat & Liberal spokespersons hang onto the microphone like it was a sex toy, lol, so average "nobody" American Concerned Citizens LIKE ME are ignored) Fuck you too @$$holes

AUTHORS NOTE: Those are taxpayer funded PUBLIC broadcast airwaves you fascist cocksucklers are spewing your evil LIES on. PUBLIC SERVICE, my ass! How do you Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity Glenn Beck mofos live with yourselves, spreading all that bad Conservative wacko bullshit disinformation to the weak-minded among us? FCC should prosecute propagandists using psychological warfare inside US borders using USA PUBLIC BROADCAST AIRWAVES!

©2003 by F.G. Esposito

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