Thursday, September 18, 2008

With ALL the so-called EXPERTS, how did our economy get so #*~/ed up?

Ooooohhhh, I can hardly stand the blaring hypocrisy coming from the Republican Party and McCain spokespersons. Blaming Democrats for the economy is really TOO MUCH. Even WORSE are the loudmouth meth addicts… ahhhh, I mean financial experts like Larry Kramer and Lawrence Kudlow coming out to say poor people and Liberals are the root of the Mortgage crisis problem. How stupid do you think… oh well, Republican voters ARE REAL FOOLS!

The way I see it… THANK GOD THE DEMOCRATS WON IN 2006! The ONLY reason we’re hearing about this financial meltdown NOW is because the Democratic controlled Congress has been DEMANDING ACCOUNTABILITY for the last 2 years. If Republicans had won the Fire Sale of US assets and selling out of the American Middle-Class would have gone on until Americans were in Depression Era soup lines and sleeping in dumpsters…

There’s going to be a LOT of finger pointing before the November election day. Here’s a few things to think about BEFORE you right-wing morons send in your early voting ballot. Have you ever heard the term “DEBT BONDAGE”? A good example was shown on HBO Sports recently. The expose proving EVIL beings rise to the top of the business world by exploitation.

I can’t even imagine the GREED it takes to make CHILDREN INTO SLAVES. Children working off the debt of their poor parents sewing soccer balls 10 hours a day instead of being in school. What the fuck? (Ask Tom Delay about setting up Asian slave workshops, “Capital Crimes, the Update” Bill Moyer’s Journal 8-1-08)

This is what happened to the United States of America. The economic policies of the Republican Party since 1980 has laid the groundwork for such Debt Bondage in America. You’re not American citizens any more you’re nothing but CONSUMERs. As long as Americans don’t rock the boat and keep going shopping then we’ll muddle along. Step out of line and OHHHH BOY! There’s troops and private contractors that have been trained in Urban warfare and police in crowd control just waiting for an angry outburst. And there WILL BE an insurrection if the American Middle Class ever finds out how badly they were fucked over by the Right wing Aristocrats. It’s called CLASS WAR and the Upper class is PREPARED FOR IT.


That’s a loaded question. John McCain’s whole campaign is dependent on attracting some of the most silly, ignorant, apathetic, brainwashed, racist fanatics that ever possessed the Right to vote. No one questions why John McCain has taken on Barack Obama’s mantel of CHANGE! Johnny Come Lately McCain all of the sudden is the Maverick (or maybe he means Tom Cruise character in “Top Gun”)

Yea, it only took 26 years for old John to step up against the special interests and “take on the old boys network“. (too late?) I’ve NEVER seen anything like it… Sarah Palin drawing crowds of Conservatives, neither possessing the capacity to understand just how bad the economy has become. If John S. McCain had any brains or real honor he would have KNOWN FROM EXPERIENCE deregulation was NOT THE WAY TO GO!

Any intelligent person who knows history might ask John McCain why he DID NOTHING to prevent the present mortgage crisis Wall St. meltdown. If ANYONE in Congress should have seen this on the horizon it was John McCain. What with all that hands on experience with this sort of problem during the 80’s . Caught up in the Savings and Loan Scandal, knee deep in the Keating 5 investigation. McCain once called it his greatest shame.

So one would think the Senator would have fought tooth and nail against what happen next… Reagan/Bush trashing Anti-trust, busting unions, DEREGULATION! In the 90’s while the public’s attention was focused on Clinton’s PRIVATE sex life and Conservatives were masturbating to Monica Lewinski testimony… Gingrich, Delay, Foley, Craig, McCain among other “Corrupt Bastards” sold out the American worker with policy/legislation that led to off-shore account scandal, predatory lending, job out sourcing, media consolidation and the Corporate Crime Wave (Enron, etc.)

Tell me John… about those hidden Expatriate Clauses, PROVIDING TAX BREAKS and INSURING the venture capital of corporations that moved to China and other Asian countries. PLEASE, TELL ME SENATOR McCAIN, how THIS is working for the best interests of the American PEOPLE?

Rather than start the new Millennium by going out of their way to seek truth, Republican voters choose to believe the propagandists such as Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly. How else does one EXPLAIN George W. Bush being elected two times? AND NOW YOU WANT TO GIVE ME MORE OF THE SAME WITH JOHN McCain? #*~/ you too @$$holes…

I don’t have sit back to let you ruin the USA. I’m going to fight back the only way I can. Present an alternative to the low grade thought processes that have ruled us for the last 8 years. You dumb ass, numbskull right wing motherfuckers shouldn’t be criticizing ME, Obama, Democrats or Liberals until someone… ANYONE from the Republican Party steps up and takes responsibility for Bush/Cheney. (which included LYING to get us in this money pit of a war in Iraq)

If these so-called representatives of the PEOPLE had any shame or integrity they’d be trying to stick to their sworn oaths rather than put a spin on the blame game. PLEASE someone explain how these scoundrels can say with a straight face the Republican Party and Conservative Ideology is just going to separate itself from the Bush/Cheney Administration?

We’re not talking about 8 years of George W. slipping on banana peels… THIS has been Neo-Con failure on every level and a scale our great grand children will still be paying for. Your children will curse you for supporting Bush tax cuts and passing the OUTRAGEOUS debt on to them. The history I’m writing will teach them how to recognize the true patriots. They’re the ones who are DEMANDING ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY!

Back to DEBT BONDAGE. Let be the FIRST to ask this question. What is it about this latest Wall St. meltdown, mortgage crisis that is allowing the financial institutions to fail? Well in my capacity as a freelance enlightener I went out and found the TRUTH for myself. I know Southern California and predicted 10 years ago the housing market would fall there worse than anywhere else. Most everyone who’s lost their house or presently in foreclosure tells me the same thing. Things were fine while adjustable rates were what they signed on to.

The greedy bastards, who pushed these risky lending practices on their sale rep’s, made hundreds of millions of dollars. Then the bubble burst and housing prices fell and mortgage rates rose. I’ve heard homeowner after homeowner horror stories of being on hold with 1000’s of dollars in hand to make mortgage payments but the lenders chose to close out these people. The Institutions went bankrupt because they wouldn’t even take payments from the borrowers.

We’re living the result of Republican rule 2001-2006. It’s been a fire sale of US assets. The Chrysler Building and ports are owned by oil rich Arabs and the Great American Beer Budweiser is controlled by Belgians. Your very house is owned by foreign interests… So you better spend money (good consumer, useful tool) or GET OUT!


Yea, right… It's funny how the Right-wing has let their women take over. Sarah Palin playing to her crowds of groupies. That traitor Lynn Forrester de Rothschild trying to act like she’s one of the PEOPLE. Oh yea, WHERE do you think George W. Bush got the idea for the Surge? His mother Barbara… how she used to pay the bullies off to protect young Georgie in school. That how Al Anbar Province stabilized, they paid the locals NOT TO SHOOT AMERICANS! Hey there’s lots of film on C-Span and Link TV showing the 7th Air Cavalry flying around the Iraq handing cash out to tribal leaders…

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COMING SOON: Other questions to ask

1) WHO gets to buy the TV bandwidths that will be replaced by digital?
2) Where did Lynn Cheney get the idea to write “We the People”, a children’s book celebrating the Constitution? "...the convicts carried an old Ben Franklin to the signing..." (Is that what Dick wants for Holloween?)
3) We’re one step away from the resurrection of Fascism and Bush 41’s dream of a ONE WORLD ORDER… How to stop IT?
4) What did Rush Limbaugh mean when he called Mexicans “…stupid and unqualified”?

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