Tuesday, September 30, 2008

REALITY, if one can handle IT?

The only thing GOOD that happened last week was Don Rickles getting that award for his genius. Can you imagine the dream life he led? Getting paid to insult people… there’s just SO much material to work with nowadays. Thank you Don!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: (I want to send a cyber bitch slap to all you little people out there WHO MISSED THE CONTENT, stuck on stupid, constantly criticizing my writing because of spelling and grammar errors. #*~/ YOU @$$holes. Everything I write is 1st draft quality material ON THE RUN. I’M working on 3 books with boxes of research, notes and documentation and NO HELP. Let someone else do the editing ON THIS BLOG… I’m the IDEAS man. One thing this nation is missing is GOOD IDEAS AND EXPOSÉ. Just go #*~/ yourselves and GIVE ME A SUBSTANTIAL FORUM TO WORK WITH… #*~/’n gamoks!) …sorry lol

UPDATE: 9-29-08 2:02 PM PST

Boy oh boy, I guess if one lives long enough ANYTHING is possible. Just like I predicted last week, Republicans are BUSY blaming Democrats, Obama, Franklin Raines, ACORN, etc. for the economic meltdown… NOT A WORD ABOUT 7.9 years of Bush/Cheney reckless economics! The largest single stock market point drop in US history and Bush is FRANTIC! (
I predict the market will not have a significant crash, it was only a scam to scare Americans into submission)

All the SCARED Conservatives, watching their pension plans and 401K’s go down hard, are calling to THREATEN their Representatives. The House decided it wasn’t fair that the Senate had till Wednesday to vote on this super, hyper active, NO OVERSIGHT, bailout bill… AND Halleluiah! THIS sick, twisted LEGISLATION FAILED IN THE HOUSE!

If one noticed the finer points of the House vote today, it’s very REVEALING. The Republicans who promised to support the bill, (that stiff John McCain took credit for the bill passing at an early morning appearance) voted a majority AGAINST it. The Democrats countered by making sure they had enough hold-out’s so the bill wouldn’t pass. (thank GOD for the PROGRESSIVE Democrats) Because of the Jewish holiday, the House doesn’t meet again until Thursday, so it falls into the lap of the Senate on Wednesday . PURE PARTY POLITICS. Who’s in the Senate? ONLY the 2 Presidential candidates. So no matter WHO wins the 2008 election, THEY WILL BE BLAMED FOR THE ECONOMIC CRISIS, not George W. #*~/ up… ahhh I mean Bush.

Most Republican candidates have no grasp of economics when it comes to the average American. I hope EVERYONE has taken advantage of the campaign to question the candidates. Town hall meeting, debates, local radio… A few months back I cornered candidate Rep. Steve Pearce R-NM on the local Conservative Talk (whine) Radio KOB-am 770. I asked him to justify the cost of the first US war financed on a credit card and Pearce answers “…the GROWING ECONOMY will pay for the War in Iraq…” Huh, NEVER saw it coming, did ya moron? What the fuck do we pay you people for?

I SAY #*~/ it… NO TO THE BAILOUT, let the greedy motherfuckers sink with a stone. The Corporate Aristocratic m#*~/r’s will only use the money to screw up the Obama Presidency. (just like they did to Jimmy Carter) I’d rather live in a cardboard box than let the Bush Administration DICTATE our economic policy for the next 10 years. That’s WHAT is going to happen if this bailout shit keeps happening.

I WARNED you people about the economy… I conducted an email writing campaign of epic proportions to our so-called representatives in government and the media (both mainstream and alternative media outlets) I blogged and wrote on government and cable news message boards, submitted articles to publishers that were PLAGIARIZED! I CALLED talk radio stations and cable access TV shows… but everyone was too involved with their ISSUES to take notice.

On the Right they were scattering like rats to separate themselves from Bush/Cheney. Democrats were STUCK in their Clinton/Obama soap opera. And the 3rd Party? Well I don’t know WHAT the #*~/ they were thinking. Harping on their very own SPECIAL PROJECTS like the Palestine issue and convincing young people (IT’S A GOOD IDEA) to go support the Palestinian cause by standing in front of Israeli bulldozers… JEEZ! (What a waste) Like we don’t have ENOUGH problems here on home soil TO FIGHT FOR! FOCUS… (I’m getting ill here)

All the spokespersons, pundits, experts, journalists and government officials I presented LEGITIMATE information to over the years with NO response except PLAGIARISM and encouraging letters from Howard Zinn and Larry Flynt (lol). 9 YEARS ago I warned the American PEOPLE and the example I used is as relevant TODAY as it was in 1999. I did a reprint last year on my blog “THE BEST DAMN POLITICAL STRATEGIST” (spoact/blogspot.com)

I always use the example from newspapers on the date 4/16/99. Government, media and big business at it’s worst. Look at the headline: “Congress wraps up work on $1.74 trillion budget”. They should put more emphasis on that word trillion, maybe Trillion, no, no TRILLION! Oh look, the public servants are eager show they’re efficiently working for the best interests of the PEOPLE… So they can waste our hard earned tax dollars later.

What did YOU get for your money that year? Sex, Lewinski, sex, morality? Perverts like Ken Starr, Larry Craig and Mark Foley masturbating to Monica’s testimony. My GOD, we might as well have elected circus animals to lead the nation. At least that way the American PEOPLE can go to the ZOO and watch them fornicate, cohabit, copulate, debauch, couple, fraternize, brawl and lick each other.

What was Corporate/Financial America busy with at that time? Back to the newspaper, 4/16/99 article titled: “Mattel to layoff 3,000 workers. WALL STREET CHEERED the news of restructuring, sending Mattel’s stock up nearly 16 percent…” WHAT? We all know how IT turned out now that our children have all the latest LEAD based toys from China. (and poisoned dog food, toothpaste, baby formula, etc. Republican legislation during the 90’s made it EASY for corporations to leave the USA for the greener fields of Asian slave labor)

Questions one must ask: How did Wall Street become the enemy of the American working class? What did Reagan/Bush, special interests and the 90’s Congress legislate to make it easy for Corporations to move jobs, wealth and resources out of the country? Would the police of the time blame 3000 Mattel workers for being VERY angry and RIOT? Because that news article was about as “in your face” as it gets…

The reason why I bring police into the picture is because law enforcement UNIONS and associations have become some of the most powerful, wealthy entities on the American political scene. I can’t help but remember how many times in US history POLICE harassed, abused, beat, gassed and shot those who supported UNION organizing efforts. Public Service UNIONS have the sort of job/pension/healthcare security those of us in the private sector can only dream about..."

Note: …civil servants my skinny Italian-American @$$… just who is serving WHO?

This whole thing has been mis-characterized as a mortgage crisis, I say NO! This is a Congress allowed the Bush Administration to borrow TOO MUCH MONEY CRISIS. CHINA ALONE OWNS 25% OF OUR DEBT! If it’s a mortgage crisis Karl Rove is ready to swift boat Democrats because of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. The LAST thing the Bush people want is for the reality of their economic policy to be brought up in ANY debate.

How come all our Homeland Security agents haven’t brought up the possibility of ECONOMIC TERRORISM? Potential enemy nations such as China, Russia and the Oil rich Arab states have made it clear they will NOT loan the USA another BILLION DOLLARS. Who’s to say the Bush Administration isn’t being INFLUENCED (blackmailed) by foreign SPECIAL INTERESTS into bailing out a financial system that has global implications if it fails? OTHERWISE the Status Quo breaks down on the Bush/Cheney watch… OH! And there’s the Democratic controlled Congress being COWARDS for the last 2 years giving Bush WHATEVER THE #*~/ HE ASKED FOR!

I hope the system does collapse and violent revolution starts because I want to get all these silver spoon #*~/^! Aristocrats… CHOP THEM UP AND FEED THEM TO THE POOR! With a side order of mainstream media soup… Y’know, I got ancestors who were in the crowd when they shot, hung and started Mussolini on fire… So I got NO PROBLEM with giving the elitists their just due. (I’m joking, OK?)

Those wussies in the FBI and Justice (sic) Dept. sure won’t do anything about the true criminals in our society. IT’S LIKE THEY NEVER HEARD OF THE R.I.C.O. ACT! (they used on so many Italian-Americans. Bush family crimes make the Mafia look tame by comparison) The worst people nowadays have secret service and police protection…

Look at George W. Bush’s forehead… It looks like he has to grind down the horns before each day starts. What really frightens me about these evil so-called Christians, is the #*~^/!’s have enough wealth and power to HURRY ALONG ARMAGEDDON!

EVERYONE on the Left should fight the ALLIANCE DEFENSE FUND. I say the right-wing fanatics are doing WAY TOO MUCH political organizing in their churches to be TAX EXEMPT. (I should’a been a preacher, lol)

SERMON: If one remember to a day BEFORE 9/11/01, Osama bin Lunatic recorded his plan to defeat the American infidels. Bin Laden TOLD the WORLD his plan was to get the USA in NEVER ENDING WARS and BREAK DOWN THE US ECONOMY. I think George W. BUSH stuck to the terrorists plan pretty well, didn’t he? The Soviets always said “America will be destroyed from with-in” who’da figured our own government would do it for them.

NOTE: IT wasn't Ronald Reagan that destroyed the Soviet Empire... it was the WAR in Afghanistan that BROKE THEIR ECONOMY!

...DID YOU KNOW that many cultures around the globe considered Reagan the anti-Christ? Y'know Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan 6 (lol)

Copyright 2008 by F.G. Esposito

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