Friday, September 5, 2008

Blue Team WINS over the Red Team

Boy things were tough for the RNC this year. First GOD canceled the Cheney/Bush show with Hurricane Gustav, then MS Palin made the mistake of calling out community organizers and John S. McCain had follow the NFL season opener. By the way the Blue team (Giants) won over the red team (Redskins) 16-7.

The speech was a huge let down.
It never ceases to amaze me how John S. McCain has the ability to sound just like an old woman complaining about a losing bingo card.

He has character, right? Yea the kind of character that gets the USA into arms dealing, war profiteering conflicts like Vietnam and Iraq.

McCain called the most shameful experience of his life was his involvement in the 80’s Saving and Loan scandal. With all that experience one would think McCain CHARACTER would have seen the looming Mortgage banking crisis on the horizon and done something about it.

McCain the Maverick, right? Yea it only took this rebel 26 years in Congress to SEPARATE himself from the aristocrats, special interests and the low grade thought processes of Republican Party…McCain HAD his chance to fight fight fight . I say give the new guy (Obama) a shot at working for the best interests of the American PEOPLE...

I'd like to ask McCain about all the TORTURE facilities in ARIZONA like CACI, Titan, KBR and the Army's interrogation center. So much for learning anything positive, right old man?

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