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"It's a revolution time..." Culture

NOTE: If the Americans of TODAY were alive during the start of this great nation… The Declaration of Independence would have never been signed and Revolutionary War not fought. You COWARDS are like the Loyalists, we’d still be under the thumb of those #*~/’n British Royals.

Today while going through a box of research notes and documentation I found this small pamphlet titled the “CITIZENS RULE BOOK”. I’m not sure where I got it from and there‘s no publishing info or identification. I’ve been to so many political, protest events and campaigns over the years in so many different places its impossible to remember everything.

If I went through all my boxes and files I could find every kind of mailer, flier and pamphlet there is. Propaganda from Anarchists in NY, beer Hippies in Tampa, Black Muslims in LA to Skinhead cops in Riverside. Most of it’s bullshit but if one takes a quick read sometimes there’s GEMS to be found. I really do believe in destiny. Right place, right time, right people… If everything comes together as it should have then great things happen. (I’ve seen it with my own eyes) BUT, one day too late, one person not getting it, one city on the WRONG road and forget about it…

The written word is key in my own quest for TRUTH and JUSTICE. I’ve walked into thrift stores or yard sales and found that perfect book for the time. Just what I needed to read or be reminded of. That’s why I brought up this Citizen Rule Book.

I opened it landing on page 7 and there it was. I’ve been so angry since Bush started begging for his bailout bill, I forgot the fact this whole thing is UNCONSTITUTIONAL… but when has that ever stopped Bush/Cheney? It NOT like they’re worried about the silly, stupid, scared, apathetic masses doing anything about it. Here’s some interesting quotes from the Rule book:

All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” Marbury vs. Madison 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174,176 (1803)

Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them”. Miranda vs. Arizona, 384 US 436 p 491.

An UNCONSTITUTIONAL act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed”
Norton vs. Shelby County 118 US 425 p. 442

HOW MUCH MORE DO YOU NEED? I wish someone at the Lawyers Guild ,the ACLU or some concerned citizens group had THE BALLS to make a case, y’know?

Where the PEOPLE fear the government you have tyranny; where the government fears the PEOPLE, you have liberty” Common Good

10-3-08 - Oh boy here it comes from the Brits. On CBS early morning show the across the pond commentary pointing fingers at the average American consumer: “…we lived beyond our means… we passed on our huge debt to our children”. YOU THINK? President Bush DID tell you to go shopping… Then the “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” gang showed how Americans could solve all their problems with an expensive shopping spree. The dilemma is Bush spent most of our money. He borrowed and borrowed and borrowed, from China and Oil Rich Arab States. THAT’S HOW THE CREDIT MARKET DRIED UP!

Basis economic theory tells the story. Sure the Bush tax cuts seemed great, it won the slimy bastards 2 elections. In reality not paying the taxes and financing the war on the national credit card COST AMERICANS MORE THAN THE TAX CUTS SAVED THEM.

One thing that’s been bothering me is about this so called Mortgage Crisis is WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE MORTGAGE INSURANCE MONIES? Everyone who purchases a home must have mortgage insurance, SO…

Present day Americans are going down in history as the biggest SUCKERS EVER TO HAVE LIVED!

Well speaking for myself I didn’t take part in this spending spree that led to economic meltdown. I’ve lived below my means denying myself in an almost Spartan lifestyle. I took my truck off the road a year ago and the money saved on gas alone was enough for a Cape Cod/Boston/NY working vacation. My children will inherit property that will pay for any mistakes I might have made. At least they’ll know that I tried to fight the powers that economically ruined their future and sold out THE RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS of their past.

UPDATE: Republicans are busy trying to #*~/ up voting rights in Black and Democratic areas, AGAIN! (what better definition of TRAITOR than those who would CORRUPT the election process?) 160,000 Americans lost their jobs last month. The House voted 263 Yea, 171 Nay to give the Bush Administration ANOTHER 800+ BILLION DOLLARS! On top of the 10 TRILLION George W. already stuck the American PEOPLE for… #*~/ this $#^! I can’t take it no more… (I went outside a cut the cable TV line just before Ch27 NM Indy Media show came on)

10-2-08 - Whoa! I was watching the Biden/Palin VP debate. On the subject of the Iraq war Palin shrieked at Obama/Biden “…your plan is the white flag of surrender…” Swear I saw Dick Cheney in her eyes. Palin had no answer to the question about helping those in foreclosure renegotiate their mortgages. She doesn’t want any talk of looking back at the grand mistakes and failures of the Bush Adm. She thinks Reagan brought out “the shinning beacon on a hill”... I liked one thing she said “McCain is the man who needs to leave… ahhh lead

NOTE: (Ask John "drill baby drill" McCain about the 1/2 MILLION gallon oil spills off the coast of TX and LA due to hurricanes Gustov and Ike... McCain said in one of his campaign speeches that there was NO SPILLS and he guaranteed the oil industry had safeguards against such environmental DISASTERS! McBush is so full of shit I don't know how he lives with himself)

Too many activists on the Left are stuck in that 60’s mindset. They spend hours on the Internet gathering loads of data that ALL leads to the same place. Providing that SPECIAL information that will FINALLY get the PEOPLE out into the streets to PROTEST. (nothing wrong with THAT) BUT WHO ARE THEY FIGHTING AGAINST?

It’s always some faceless one world order, banking cartel, black op bureaucracy, Illuminati, shadow government that planned the attack on 9/11... On + on + on… It doesn’t really matter whether the information they present is factually correct or not. It’s all about WHERE the #*~/ DO YOU GO FROM HERE?

you gave the data, you’ve made everyone who’s listening mad… NOW WHAT? Well, NOTHING! You’re a school teacher, you’re a health care worker, accountant, etc… How are WE going to bring down that faceless one world order banking cartel shadow government? Then you go smoke a joint and feel good about yourself even though the reality is YOU GAVE UP!

We live in one of the rare times in human history when most of the planet can RECOGNIZE that veiled evil. I’m here to tell you the ENEMY NOW HAS A FACE. And that ugly mug belongs to George W. Bush. Actually 2 faces Bush/Cheney… ahhh 3 Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld… Gonzales, Rove, Paulson… Lets just say MOST of the Bush Administration since he got elected in 2000 (one of the darkest days of my life, I can only imagine how DIFFERENT the world would be if Gore had been elected, thanks for NOTHING 3rd Party)

If the American PEOPLE do NOT hold George W. Bush responsible for his vile foreign policy, war profiteering, arms dealing, Constitutional VIOLATIONS, Corporate Crime Wave, reckless economics, etc. THEN YOU DON’T DESERVE TO BE CALLED CONCERNED CITIZENS…

NOTE: (Don’t take my word for it. I strongly suggest the reader go online at this point and check out the books “Give Me Liberty…” by Naomi Wolf, “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder” by Vincent Bugliosi and “The Uprising” by David Sirota… So you wussies can’t use the excuse for not listening to me cause I’m some kind of madman in need of meds. I’m sick of all this COWARDS WAY OUT bullshit)

The thing that just kills me is there’s still like 20% of Americans that still support Bush/Cheney and think the Administration did a good job. One thing about Conservatives is they NEVER hold their elected leaders ACCOUNTABLE. Tom Delay is the best example of that. (watch Bill Moyer’s Journal title: “Capital Crimes”, available for free online

If one listens to Conservative talk radio it works out pretty well percentage wise. 1 out of 5 callers want to eliminate those “socialist, communist, liberal cowards”. They’ve been programmed by the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. and their HATE FOR THE WIMPY LEFT IS GROWING! They’re starting to strike out (Unitarian church shooting, Jenna, civil war reinactment). EVEN WORSE, many of these racist fanatics are employed by law enforcement and wouldn’t HESITATE to shoot, gas, taze, beat down ANYONE that dared question AUTHORITY or demand accountability.

THE POINT I’M TRYING TO GET ACROSS IS THAT PEOPLE ON THE LEFT BETTER LEARN HOW TO STRIKE BACK. The days of don’t engage are OVER because the Right is has been engaging you for years now, only you people IGNORED IT. Sad to say most the well-meaning, good people possess THE MOST TENDER SENSIBILITIES, close-minded principles and depressed personalities on the American scene.

I KNOW what’s wrong with them, MOST believe they could conquer their angry and violent nature with some sort of Eastern based bullshit spiritualism. But that ANGER is ALWAYS deep inside them, festering. They know something isn’t quite right but they just can’t put into words. It gets to the point when they’re using most of their positive vibrations and spiritual energy just to hold THAT ANGER IN!

#*~/ that $#^!. I SAY EMBRACE IT, you‘ll feel better! Let that anger out where it can flourish. You know what’s right, use that rage to make the world a BETTER PLACE! Are you PEOPLE gonna let the right-wing start a REVOLUTION before you? COME ON! The time is NOW, m#^*~/r’s

And my next point is a bit delicate. There’s no way to be diplomatic about this subject so I’m just going to come out and say IT… Women, for GOD’s sake get rid of the dildos. All that petrochemical plastic and battery technology making your eyes roll back is really bad for you. (unless they’ve come up with a hemp based dildo? lol) I imagine it feels good to you but so does a line of cocaine, but it’ll fuck you up eventually. I’m sure there’s at least ONE penis al-natural around that’ll keep you satisfied…

HEY, somebody has to defend the penis. (lol) Of course, I’m just trying to help. ARE YOU PEOPLE ANGRY YET? Now take the anger you feel for ME and redirect it toward Bush/Cheney. They still have enough time, wealth and power to ruin the entire planet.

copyright 2008 by F.G.Esposito

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