Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to be Patriotic and SAVE AMERICA...

I’m sitting here listening to Representative Henry Waxman (D-California) Oversight & Gov’t Reform Committee Chairman go down a LONG list of waste, fraud and abuse cases during the Government Management and Accountability hearing. There’s only two conclusions one can grasp from this evidence and exposure… and neither explanation is GOOD! Either the Bush Administration is the MOST incompetent or the MOST CRIMINAL Presidency in history.

Facts are FACTS, Waxman isn’t bullshitting the American PEOPLE like so many Bush apologists in government and media. These Conservative, vain, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken, evil, silver spoon Con men have RAVAGED and expatriated most of our nation’s wealth and resources. The level of waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, incompetence, corruption, arms dealing, WAR PROFITEERING is obscene beyond imagination.

HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars in the pockets of Bush/Cheney cronies, military contractors and vendors, Iraqi government and Militia members and international arms dealers. NO MANAGEMENT, NO ETHICS, NO RESPONSIBILITY, NO ACCOUNTABILITY! If “checks and balances” were still in tact in the USA and the media, Legislative and Judicial WERE DOING THEIR #*~/’N JOB most Executive branch would be in crowded holding cells wearing chains waiting for trial.

But there’s a growing protest movement on the horizon called CIVILIAN OVERSIGHT (and it’s members are very, VERY pissed off) We are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, all races, creeds and economic classes. We provide information on our blogs, videos and books. All the data one needs to know what we already know. The Bush Administration is the worst CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION IN HISTORY and the PEOPLE need to rise up and save America from such degenerate enterprise.

Of course the MAJORITY of the American PEOPLE are still silly, ignorant, self-absorbed, victimized, apathetic, celebrity worshipping COWARDS who don’t deserve the rights and freedoms afforded by the Constitution. I despise each and every one of you, ESPECIALLY all those PATHETIC MORONS that voted for Bush/Cheney… you fools should lose your right to vote for being so #*~/’n stupid!

NOTE: (If I hear one more of these losers blame Democrats for the high price of gas I'm going to start throwing punches. Let's get this straight assholes... Bush/Cheney RECKLESS ECONOMICS lowered the value of the dollar. It's only worth about 60 cents now. Oil is traded in $'s, so the price goes up to make up for Bush Jr. spending our national wealth like a crack whore with a credit card)

Thank GOD there’s people out there spreading the WORD of CHANGE and revolution. David Sirota and his book THE UPRISING and Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi who laid out a legitimate case with THE PROSECUTION OF GEORGE W. BUSH FOR MURDER

NOTE: look for my upcoming You Tube video of myself and associates presenting copies of Bugliosi's book to DA’s all over America. Something patriotic American’s should be doing in every city and jurisdiction… JOIN NOW OR DONATE to help us save America, PLEASE! It’s NOW OR NEVER m’#*~/r’s!

Copyright 2008 by F.G. Esposito


I just wanted to make it clear why I’m here among all you wonderful concerned citizens volunteering your free time for the Obama campaign. Especially all you out-of-state young people and University students spending you summer vacation honing political organizing skills. (note: dot ORGanizing) It’s gives me HOPE for the future but let’s be clear about my INTENTIONS.

I’m not an Obama groupie, NOT trying to up my Obama web points nor do I care about Democratic Party ladder climbing… I’m here because the George W. Bush Administration has scarred me for life and I want no more of the same with John McCain. YES I’m here to do WHATEVER it takes to beat McCain and the Republicans in 2008. But I also want to form coalitions that will last beyond the election. Sort of a Civilian Oversight Movement that will bring back the checks and balances into our political system. Concerned Citizens who DEMAND ethics, responsibility, accountability.

NOTE: (REMEMBER FISA BILL. I can ONLY hope Obama crushes this outrage in the future. What American in their right mind would allow the Bush Administration to CHANGE the Constitution and trash the 4th Amendment?)

If I have to talk to every person I encounter for voter registration or volunteer sign-ups. If I have to call talk radio every time a Republican candidate or conservative spokesperson, voter, who tries to spread BS propaganda. If I have to engage every 3rd Party cable access TV LOSER who slanders Obama.

UPDATE 6-24-08
That light bulb head, slimy Karl Rove m’#*~/’r made HUGE mistake calling Obama a “snide country club guy”. I'm going to release the full 527 power against thge Republicans. (by the way I know of photos showing Rove with a male prostitute who also happens to be a Homeland Security worker)

And I’m about to put a stake in the heart of the Association of Evangelical Christians. I’ve had it with their corrupt view of religion.

The latest incident comes from some loser named James Dobson. Dobson accused Obama of “distorting the BIBLE for his own purpose”. JEEZ! You mean like the Republicans did to the Christian Right? How else does one explain so-called Christians who believe JESUS and WAR profiteers are on the same side? By the way...WHERE did Eric Prince come from?

Hey Pat Robertson… when you spoke to GOD and he told you George W. Bush would be elected in 2000, YOU left out the part about all the waste, fraud, abuse, incompetence, scandal, corruption, arms dealing, war profiteering, torture, CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS.